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Let's face it: Studying is usually never easy and sometimes it's just plain time consuming. With these easy steps, you'll be acing that next test/exam/quiz you take!


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    Study is right after school in a tranquil and peaceful place. For example, your bedroom; this is your "study space." This is the place where you will study every night until said test/exam/quiz takes place.
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    Take out your notes for your test/exam/quiz. Now, take out a highlighter and, if needed, highlight everything that will be needed to know on the test/exam/quiz you will be taking. Take out a pen/pencil and write it out on paper. After you have written it all down, read it out loud to yourself 2 or 3 times.
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    Take out some index cards. With a pen/pencil:
    • Write down the question on the front of the card and the answer on the back. Note: Just write the answer/question because the index cards can be flipped over for another use of studying. For example, if you look at it on the "Cheyenne" side you can say "The capital of Wyoming," or if it is on the "The Capital of Wyoming," you could say "Cheyenne."
    • Taking quick glimpses at this during your free time can enhance the probability of you memorizing those notes for your test/exam/quiz.
    • Go to your computer and open up a program like Microsoft Word or Notepad. Type all your index card notes onto this 2 or 3 times, or until satisfied.


  • Always get a good night's sleep. This will help you feel fully refreshed the next morning for the test/exam/quiz.
  • Always eat breakfast every morning. Studies show that "children who eat breakfast perform better on standardized achievement tests," (
  • Studying before bed improves your memorization of the card!
  • If you want to, bring the index cards to school with you. This is the perfect way to study in between classes or during lunch/study hall with (or without) your friends. Note: NEVER study during a class.
  • Try studying with a friend! Studying is always more fun when you have someone with you the whole way.
  • Try reading the notes in different ways, shapes and forms. Ex. What is the capital of Wyoming? Cheyenne/The capital of Wyoming is Cheyenne/Cheyenne is the capital of which state? Wyoming.
  • For a more suitable "study space," turn on some music on low while you're studying. This helps minimize the boredom during studying.
  • Eating lemon drops while studying then during the test will help you remember what you are studying as your tongue will remember the taste and what you were doing at the time.
  • Try shuffling the index cards every time you finish off a round.


  • Never procrastinate until the night before the test. Chances are, you won't remember whatever you studied the night before.
  • Don't peek at the answers on the index cards on the first try. Put it into a separate pile and come back to it. If the answer is still unclear to you, you may look at it. Put the card back in the pile and continue.
  • Never stress yourself out about the test/exam.
  • Don't suppose just by writing notes you have done your revision.
  • Studying should be done as soon as you get home, even before you head for that tv/computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Notes for studying
  • Pen/pencil
  • Loose leaf paper/notebook
  • Highlighter
  • Program like Microsoft Word or Notepad (Optional)
  • Friend/parent/sibling/family member (Optional)

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