How to Study for School Over the Summer

Three Methods:Before You Break UpGo Over Your Old SchoolworkGet Ready for the Next Year

So this summer, you want to do more than just sit around and watch TV. Let's say last year, you had a bunch of tests and quizzes you didn't do so well on. Well pull them out of your folders and let's begin!

Or maybe you just want to study up on last year's notes and quizzes to prepare for what's to come this year! This will help you study over the summer!

Method 1
Before You Break Up

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    Speak to all your subject teachers. This involves finding out key information, such as what you will be doing when you return, what would be ideal to study alongside, the main opportunity to borrow some textbooks over the summer. In most situations, your teacher should be available to help you out, if not, the best option is to look over the course syllabus, then use your initiative.
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    Buy or borrow textbooks. This can come from your school or find out if the library or local bookshops have revision guides which can help you. It is recommended that you borrow the textbooks that you need to buy if they cost too much.
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    Start preparing. This includes what you'll be studying, when you'll be studying - preferably a few days/weeks before and anything else you find is important.

Method 2
Go Over Your Old Schoolwork

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    Determine what you need to do. Grab a notepad and write down all of the problems you had last year. Not drama problems, school related problems. Did you fail an English test because you didn't understand the material? Or did you not finish a homework assignment because you didn't give yourself enough time. Whatever it was write it down.
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    Grab out all of your past assignments, quizzes, and tests. Review them to see what you got right and what you got wrong. If you got a perfect score on a test or quiz then put it aside. Focus on your bad quizzes, homework, etc... Even if you just got one problem wrong, you still got it wrong, and you should figure out why it was not correct.
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    Go over all the bad papers you have. Write down each problem you got incorrect, and begin to solve why it was not correct. If it was a careless mistake such as you forgot to do a problem, then look at it and answer it in your head. However, if it was a problem you worked really hard on, but still got it wrong, then get a piece of paper and write down everything you did before. After, rewrite the problem, but this time going over every single step. You should find that you might have multiplied wrong, or even skipped a step.

Method 3
Get Ready for the Next Year

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    Get out all of your notes and other assignments. Review them thoroughly and then write down some of your problems that you got wrong, and solve them.
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    Quiz yourself. Have either another person or yourself write some questions about your notes then answer them. Have another person, one who knows the subject that your doing well, check your quiz and help you fix your mistakes.
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    Check out some books on the subjects you'll be taking. Go to your local library and find some books that teach you about the subject you'll take in the new year. Skim through them, and take a few notes to prepare yourself.


  • Try using a big whiteboard to write down your problems. You'll be able to see it, plus it'll be easier to erase something if you got it wrong.
  • When reviewing your notes, take more notes! It may seem silly, but you'll actually learn more.
  • Try looking on your schools website to see what your new school year's curriculum will be, that way you know what to check out from the library.
  • Make a few flashcards and have a friend or parent quiz you on them.
  • It helps if you have a parent or some friend to help you understand what you did wrong, or to help you study and quiz yourself.


  • Don't pressure yourself to get every last thing correct. Sometimes you can't fix what you did wrong, but you can understand what you did wrong.
  • Don't do more than you can handle. If you want to understand your science for next year, and you want to understand your math too, pick the subject that you didn't do very well in last year. Let that be your focus.
  • Don't force your parents or friends to help you study. If they would rather go shopping than help you work on math problems let them do that. Sometimes studying and talking to yourself can be a better help than having another person help you.

Things You'll Need

  • Notepad
  • Tests, quizzes, homework
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Flashcards
  • A parent or a friend
  • Whiteboard/dry erase marker
  • Paper
  • Books about your next school years curriculum

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