How to Study for a French Exam

Do you have a french test or exam coming up? Is it history, science, geography or just french? Then this article is for you! Vous avez besoin d'etre plus intelligente. Vous avez ecrit des notes excellentes! Lisez!


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    Focus on what you have been learning lately. Teachers do not always give you the questions or clues to what is on the test. Pay attention in class and review your notes. Most likely, a test will be over recently covered information. The teacher will most likely give you some info but if not then just read your current text chapters, notes, and correct homework. Look at any mistakes you made and correct them now.
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    Focus on one question at a time. Read it over in French OUT LOUD. This helps your brain on focusing and managing this information into your head. Language is meant to be spoken out loud!
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    Read the question over in English. If you can translate the words to English, you are on the right track. If not, then try anyway, it's normal for beginning French students to struggle with this, but an advanced student should be able to do this with little difficulty. It' also okay if you don't understand every little word. As long as you understand the "meat" of the question, you should know what it's asking and how to appropriately answer the question.
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    Say what the question and answer means. Make sure you UNDERSTAND it. You should do this in both languages. Read over your answers 2-3 more times in both languages.
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    Continue those steps for all the questions. If you just memorize the notes, you will tend to forget it because of stress and nerves on the day of the test. This is normal... but if you understand the question and answer there is a better chance of success when you are under stress. Making flashcards is a GREAT way of remembering information as well! Try an online website like Quizlet where the word is not only presented but also spoken. Listening to the words and having to spell them out makes remembering a lot easier!
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    Review the entire set of questions after completing the individual question reviews.
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    Learn the new vocabulary words as soon as your teacher gives them to to you.
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    Go over recently discussed topics, new vocab, how to conjugate verbs, and know how to use accents in your writing because your teacher will mark you down if you cannot write the words correctly.


  • Don't miss school just to miss the test. Study earlier, and you won't have to cram. Missing the test will only make you stress more because you'd waste your day later to do it.
  • Don't use any type of coffee, caffeine or pills to help you stay awake. Those will only make you feel drowsy during school or the test and will leave you twitchy all over.
  • If you have study notes on a computer from your teacher, print it out instead of studying on the computer because it will distract you and you will probably be bored and go on different sites.
  • Don't overwork yourself
  • Take a shower or bath before you go to bed because it will have you feel refreshed and clean for the next day or in the morning do so. Try to feel fresh and clean in the morning of the test because it will boost your confidence.
  • Get up to go outside for fresh air or stretch.
  • Typing out a neat study sheet helps.
  • Don't study too late at night! Cramming at 1 AM will do nothing for you. But, studying right before bed is proven to help you remember information for the morning. Just don't study too much when you're too tired, or your efforts will most likely end up in flames.
  • Have a good night sleep and breakfast. You won't feel sick later on, and your brain will work faster and better. Your stomach won't growl in the middle of the test, which is always a plus!
  • Take breaks when studying. Have a healthy snack and drink by you, so you won't get distracted to get something in the middle of your studying time.
  • Even if you get a bad grade, explain it to your parents and ask your teacher for help. Asking for help doesn't make you a nerd or stupid. It shows you are responsible enough to recognize you need help!

Things You'll Need

  • Pencils, pens, highlighters, etc
  • Notes or study notes
  • A comfy but not too comfy place to study
  • Refreshments
  • Chocolate, it helps relieve stress~!
  • Friends, they can help and make the time studying more amusing, and can motivate you!
  • Chew gum during your exam to release stress(Ask your teacher for permission)

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