How to Stretch to Improve Your Flexibility

Want to improve your flexibility? This detailed description will help you instantly improve your flexibility.


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    Warm up your muscles. Perform 40 jumping jacks, 25 squats, run on the spot for 5 minutes, and ten press-ups or ten girl press-ups if you are not strong enough.
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    Start with simple stretches to get used to the concept and feeling of stretching. Stand up and stretch your legs into a wide straddle. Reach down until your palms rest on the ground, keeping your legs straight. If you can do that, move your legs closer together until your palms do not reach the floor. Stay at the place that you feel a strong stretch in your upper thighs and back and gradually move up to your feet together when you can!
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    Stretch out your bridge. Lie down on your back and put your palms in line with your ears, fingertips facing past your head. Push yourself up using your arms and legs and see how far up you can go. Don't stretch further when you feel pain as you could pull or tear a muscle.
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    Do the butterfly stretch. Sit on the floor, feet bases together and knees facing upwards. Push your elbows on your legs and try to get your legs as close to the floor as possible. Go as far as you can until you feel pain.
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    Do cool down stretches. Don't overstretch when you are not used to stretching so begin stretching for five minutes a day and after a month move up to ten minutes. After three months try to stretch for 20 minutes twice a day and you will be amazingly flexible compared to your beginning state!


  • Always warm up before stretching or your muscles will not be ready to stretch and it will be painful.
  • Never overstretch, it is dangerous and you can pull or tear muscles.
  • Be careful, if you are too fast with stretches you will feel pain and may not be able to carry on with stretching.

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