How to Stretch for a Scorpion in Cheerleading

Two Parts:FlexibilityBalancing

If you are interested in cheerleading, you will probably need to do a scorpion and if you are a flyer you don't want to pull a muscle when doing one, so:

Part 1

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    Learn to do a back bend, as this is very important. It stretches your back and is a good warm up. Do it three times before a scorpion.
    • To begin with, it may help to roll over an exercise ball on your back.
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    Lay on the ground (soft surface) on your belly. Place your palms on the ground, shoulder-width apart. Carefully using your arms, push your torso off the ground, and try to keep it there for 30 seconds. This is a yoga pose and it is very useful to stretching your back.
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    Get a sports band or rope. Stand with legs slightly apart. Hold the rope in both hands behind your legs like you would with a skipping rope. Put the band around the top of your foot (near your toes) and pull your leg up behind you. Your elbows should be above your head, pointing in front of you. Have a friend to help you to grab your foot. Keep on practicing and you will soon do a scorpion.

Part 2

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    Balance on your strongest foot. Stand on it for a minute. Use a little support if needed. You may buy a 3-D triangle with a flat top to balance on.
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    Whichever leg you use for your scorpion, try to do a wall split. Have that leg pointing up and lean back as far as you can.
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    When standing on your strongest foot, lift your other leg in the back. Reach behind you, grab it, and pull up towards your head. Use smooth, not jerky, motions. Have somebody help you if needed.
    • It can help to have someone hold your waist and pull your scorpion as high as you can go, and having your helper push your leg up as far as you can withstand, using their hand.
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  • If you have your right splits it helps a lot to get your scorpion, when you get the splits, lean back in them to stretch your back, you can bend your back leg and try to touch your head with your toes. This stretch will help your scorpion.
  • When you are stretching with a needle or a scorpion, you can do wall splits. This will help you with back and leg stretches . Also you can sit on the ground with your foot on the steps and reach back and pull the back foot towards your head .
  • Work on your back flexibility–laying on your belly and pushing your torso up and hips down is a great stretch for this.
  • Make sure to do the traditional 'touch your toes' for 10 seconds stretching routine.
  • An easy way to pull your Scorpion once your stretched for it is bring you left leg up and hold your left leg in your left arm, like a scale and pull it closer to your head while your right hand comes over and grabs your foot too. It's a faster easier way and although it can can be complicated at first, overtime comes experience!
  • Always stretch it will help and always stretch your arm and back.
  • Try to have the scorpion on the left leg, most teams have their flyers stand on their right leg so this will be an advantage.
  • When working on you back bends walk your hands up and down a wall.
  • When you're at home watching TV or with a friend bored try bending your back so your head touches your feet, like a donut.
  • When you grab your foot, point your toe and push your leg outwards, don't force it.
  • Try doing the split first, then reach back and grab your rear leg.
  • Taking a stunting class or a yoga class will help.
  • You need to be very flexible.

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  • Someone to spot you and help you lift your leg the first time

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