How to Stretch for a Bow and Arrow in Cheerleading

So, you want to get your bow and arrow? This tutorial is based around gaining the flexibility to do this advanced cheerleading stunt rather than for gaining the strength and balance for it. You should do these stretches everyday or at least every other day. If you do them everyday, you will mostly likely get the skill faster!


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    Warm up! Warming up beforehand is a "very" important step. If you don't warm up you could easily tear a muscle, which could put you off your schedule to get your bow and arrow for days or even weeks! Think of your muscles as a rubber band. If the rubber band is warm and flexible, it becomes easier to stretch. You can stretch it further and longer and has better elasticity. But if you pop the rubber band in the freezer, making it cold, and then take it out and try to stretch it, it will snap clear in half because it has become brittle (just like your muscles can). To avoid this problem, warm up those rubber band muscles by simply jogging in place for 60 seconds. Or you can do these stretches immediately after your normal cardio or workout.
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    Straddle. Sit in a straddle and put your hands and arms out in front of you. Try to scoot and reach your hands out in front of you as far as you can and try to push your chest and shoulders towards the ground. As you do this, try to keep you feet turned out, knees and toes pointed back (not flexed feet). Don't bend your knees, or else you are not stretching the proper muscles. It is ideal to be flat against the ground, but you won't be able to do that at first. Hold this for 30 seconds, making sure to breath deeply to get oxygen to those muscles! You also want to go over and hold 30 seconds each leg and also put your nose to your knee for 30 seconds each leg.
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    Stretch your side splits. Hold a runner's lunge for 30-60 seconds on each leg, pushing your hips toward the floor and making sure your knee does not pass your toes on the leg in front (make sure the leg in font stays at a 90 degree angle). Now slide into your splits. Note: even if you don't have them to the floor, just stay in them! It does hurt, but just tough it out for 30 seconds.
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    Lay on your back on the floor and pull your leg towards your face, making sure to point your toe. If you cannot yet reach your leg, tie a belt/scarf that you don't mind getting ruined around your foot or ankle and use it to pull your leg towards you. Hold for 45 seconds, each leg. Eventually, you will be able to pull your leg so close to your head that you can use your other hand to hold your foot and then eventually you will be able to push that other arm through the space between your leg and body, and be able to do a perfect bow and arrow!


  • When you're not very flexible, it seems a daunting task to get your bow and arrow, but don't give up! With the proper amount of patience, hard work and time, you will get it! It will be worth it!
  • Instead of a scarf or belt, you may want to invest in a stunt strap (they're under $10) because they help you to pull a stunt before you have the full flexibility/strength to hold it on your own.


  • Try to make sure that you are stretching every day, but do not overstretch your muscles. There is a such a thing as too much stretching!

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