How to Stretch Before Gymnastics

Stretching before any sport, is important. Stretching before gymnastics is especially important and there are some special stretches you can do to prepare to do gymnastics. If you don't warm up and stretch before gymnastics, you may injure yourself and end up unable to be doing any gymnastics at all.


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    Stretch carefully. Don't bounce when stretching and perform each of the following specific order for best results.
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    Start with a straddle. To stretch in a straddle position spread your legs flat on the ground and pull down. Pull do the left, right and down to the middle as far as you can.
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    Move on to pike. Here you bring your legs together (flat on the ground) and pull down as far as you can.
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    Do the butterfly stretch. Bring your feet together with your legs bent just as in the picture. You can either flex your legs slightly or pull down as the other stretches.
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    Do the dog and seal stretch. These go hand in hand. For dog stretch, sit on your knees, with your hands on the ground and stick your butt in the air. This should stretch your shoulders. Seal stretch is where you push your hips to the ground with your hands in front.
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    Perform the bridges stretch. These stretches help stretch your back. Do three, one with good form, one with your legs as close to your hands as possible, and one more just to stretch. After each one, tuck and roll your back out.
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    Do a "runner's stretch." This is where you put one foot in front and one foot behind as if you were taking a big step. Then bend your front knee so that your shin is perpendicular to the ground and your knee is right above your ankle. Slide your back foot as far back as possible but keep your knee in the same spot to prevent knee complications and injuries that will keep you from doing gymnastics. Tuck your toes under so that only the toes and touching the ground and your heel isn't. Put your hands on either side of you. This stretches your hamstrings that help with splits.


  • Just go to your limits, don't push farther than you can. You don't want to strain your muscles.
  • Stretch every day to improve your flexibility. Stretch slowly. It helps to also stretch out you wrists and ankles.
  • If you are a beginner you will want to master these before you do any type of gymnastics.
  • Don't start your stretches when your body is cold. Stretch in a warm environment or walk around a little at your normal walking pace to warm up first.


  • Do not push yourself, or you will pull a muscle.

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