How to Stop Smoking in School

Smoking is an addiction that is often frustrating enough to stop. These steps are not to help you quit smoking, it is to help you not smoke in the actual school.


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    Make a plan. The first plan you should make is on paper. Write down your class schedule. Make sure you put in all the hours and days you attend class. Once this is accomplished write down all the breaks you are allowed during class hours. Depending on how many classes you have , that's the number of times you can smoke without it interfering with your class work.
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    Leave your cigarettes at home. If you do not have them with you at school, you won't be able to smoke them.
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    Smoke during breaks. When you are given your break time you should use this break time wisely and start smoking your pack again. Enjoy it and savor the smell and taste. Relaxing is the key and it is important you understand it is just break time. By this time you might feel nervous or upset because you feel rushed to smoke your pack, that's not always a good feeling. But you should consider the fact that you are smoking and it's not interfering with your schoolwork.
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    Smoke after class. Once class is over you can feel free to head outside and start smoking another pack. Enjoy the pack and savor the taste and smell once again. Be at peace and just let it all out of your system.
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    Learn how to control yourself. Control your urges and decide when is a proper time to smoke outside of class. Count how many cigarettes you have before going to school. You don't want to be without them.


  • Count how many cigarettes you have and need.
  • Sometimes you can ask permission to go to the bathroom and just go outside and smoke a cigarette really quick.
  • Smoke half a cigarette so the teacher does not suspect anything is going on.


  • If you are under age, stay away from smoking.

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