How to Stop Dating Sociopaths

Three Parts:Spotting the sociopath dateGetting away from the sociopath dateStaying away from future sociopath hook-ups

If you've worked out that you're dating someone with a sociopath personality, it's probable that you've found yourself getting used up. Unless you've got a personality disorder that evenly matches the meanness and self-absorption of the sociopath, it's very difficult to cope with this sort of person without being taken advantage of or driven to extremes just to cope. When you feel it's time to leave, the suggestions offered here will be of some assistance.

Part 1
Spotting the sociopath date

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    Decide whether the person you're dating is a sociopath. You may also like to work out whether you've a pattern of dating such persons, for whatever reason that you and therapist can work out together. Read How to spot a sociopath for a few pointers on this personality type. If you are fairly certain you are involved with a sociopath, or you seem to end up with one too often, it's time to take evasive action and put yourself first.

Part 2
Getting away from the sociopath date

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    Face the fact that there is absolutely no known way of talking to and reasoning with a sociopath. You have to take steps to minimize damages. Cutting corners or backsliding will cost you eventually, so do it right and do it now.
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    Tell the sociopath you want nothing more to do with them. They will hear you and they will try their best to get you to change your mind. Do not listen. They may act heartbroken but they are not. They have no real feelings for anyone or anything. They want your money and property and nothing more––their satisfaction comes first.
    • Have you noticed how they always seem to be cash poor but had some reason that was elaborate and almost unbelievable? You were charmed by them at first and loved the attention. As time moves on, the attention can feel a prison and their charm disappears the moment you refuse them cash or loans of a car or other valuables.
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    Take steps to protect yourself when you move out or move on. Did they see your bank book or credit card? They have your phone number and address, of course. You have to change all the things that they have been able to access and make use of. In some cases, you may even need to be ready to move.
    • Do not hesitate to call your bank and even hire an attorney.
    • Make sure that your assets are secure. Even after they have gone, they may have info that can break you.

Part 3
Staying away from future sociopath hook-ups

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    Spot the sociopath next time and walk on by. Once you have dealt with one before, the telltale signs will all be there. An hour or two with one will reveal them. You will never date one again because you went through hell already and are now cautious. Once you walk away keep walking, never look back. Never. There is no reason you will ever hook up with more than one sociopath and, if you do, then have someone else take care of your money. Pay for a background check and admit you are dumb, but you want to get smart, so hire that help. It will cost you less in the long run.

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