How to Stop Clutter Buildup

Ever wondered how your house becomes so cluttered in no time at all? Tired of the endless loop of de-cluttering and cleaning? You can stop the cycle and keep the clutter out of the house before the build-up starts!


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    Use your trash bin regularly and spontaneously. Most of the clutter in our homes is created by things that we store up for an unseen future use. If you can't think of a good use for any of the items right now, do away with them. Go on both regular and spontaneous binges where you throw unneeded things into the trash.
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    Don't think twice! When you feel like throwing that empty jar, or that broken toy, your feeling is 100% right! Just throw it out and feel happy that you have saved on some space and some future work.
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    Set up a storage and reuse bin. If you will definitely need some items for future use (which you can foresee now), throw them into a bin. This ensures the clutter is restricted to just one place.
    • It makes sense to have multiple small bins, one for each room.
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    Think before you buy. Always re-think whether you want that item you are going to buy, especially when it is cheap or is given away as freebie. They might be good for the price you are paying for, but can you exist without that thing? If yes, you are buying clutter! Don't even bring it into your home.
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    Stop at the doorstep. When you come back from shopping, literally stop at the doorstep and throw out any cartons, filler papers, unwanted wrappings, etc., right into the trash or recycling.
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    Create a hobby space. Dedicate a room if possible, or at least an area of a room, to your hobbies. This concentrates your hobby-related clutter into one area.
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    Keep a donation/exchange box inside your car. Regularly toss items into it. Makes your home more spacious and makes it easier to donate/exchange items during your other trips and errands.
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    Take photos of your kids' artworks. You can remember and cherish their creativity forever, without it adding to your clutter. Toss the original into dustbin without any guilt, knowing that you have a space-saving record of it.
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    Encourage your whole household to donate, regift, or toss out unused items. In particular, old school bags, shoes, uniforms, and clothes are unlikely to be reused. It is better to donate them and feel happy about it. The earlier you donate, the less clutter will build up.
    • For kids unwilling to clear up, you can make a game out of who can donate the most old items, or reward them with a small gift or treat if they clear out a certain number of items.

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  • A trash can and recycling bin
  • Bins for storage/reuse and donation/exchange

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