How to Stop a wikiHow Addiction

wikiHow is a fantastic website, used by millions of people. Sometimes, wikiHow is used too much. It is fine to review your Talk Page messages, answer them, maybe write a new Article. That should be about an hour and then a break and then maybe another hour then later on in the day. Maybe four hours at the most. Any more than that can be called a wikiHow addiction. Do you have an addiction? Read this article and we'll have that addiction gone within a week!


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    Assess your problem. Reading the introduction might help. About 3-4 hours on wikiHow a day, with short breaks in between I what some suggest. The breaks should be about 10-20 minutes long. Think back, have you ever actually had a break? If yes, how many? It should be one every half an hour/hour. If you have or haven't had any breaks, just carry onto the next step.
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    Get a calendar. It can be a cute pattern, photo, anything that makes you feel happy. On the Monday square write the current amount of time you have on the computer. On the Tuesday square, write the usual. Wednesday square, 1 hour less. Thursday square, the same amount as Wednesday. Friday, 1 hour less than Thursday, and so on.
    • Use the dates on the calendar. Record exactly how much you spend on wikiHow each day.
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    Set a countdown timer for a small increment of time. When the timer goes off, don't just say 'I have another 5 minutes' and carry on. Instead say 'wikiHow will still be here tomorrow, and I can do everything then', which might mean putting the template {{inuse}} to work, because the old 5 minutes saying usually turns into 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and so on.
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    Log out. Find something else to do on the computer, but have breaks in between these as well! and Yahoo! Answers are just a few examples. These should stand in for wikiHow during a break. Logging out is a great idea, as if just surfing the web, wikiHow may show up. There are some great websites out there, like wikiHow. It reduces the urge to edit when reading a wikiHow article.
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    Take a wikibreak. Sometimes you just need a break from wikiHow. Like many addictions, this addiction can include lost sleep, and other personal body needs. Remember, wikiHow is about quality, not quantity, and how much can you really give to wikiHow if you are exhausted? Taking a break from wikiHow doesn't have to be long, it could be 3 days, 1 week, and so on.
    • Inform others of the wikibreak. This could be leaving a message on the forums, leaving a note on your talk page, etc.
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    With your wikiHow addiction gone, try to swap these steps to the computer. Because some people have a computer addiction and not just a wikiHow addiction. This article can help provide additional support.


  • Chill some water with ice cubes and slices of fruit and put it in the fridge. That way, you have to get up from wikiHow to get it.
  • Turn down the computer brightness down to the very lowest if you are using wikiHow more than 4 hours even after looking at this! If you can't see wikiHow, how can you be on wikiHow?

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