How to Stop a Runaway Toyota Prius

Is your car affected by the runaway Toyota Prius issue? Do you not have the time to get your car into the dealership to have it's recalls fixed? Well, although your safety is at stake, you can learn how to stop one of these vehicles, by reading through these steps you can take from within this article.


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    Hold down the brake pedal while shifting your car into neutral (symbolized by an N on the shifter).
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    Hold down your Prius' power button with your one hand's pointer finger for several seconds. Turning off your car resets it's internal memory temporarily so that the car can rethink it's problem in a different way.
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    Hold down the brake pedal, if nothing else works. Emergency-stop the car.
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    Remove the floor mats, before you go out on your next drive with the vehicle. On some models, they found that this is the answer to the problem. This is especially true of the 2007 model year vehicles.
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    Sit down and relax when you get home from work. Pick up the phone and dial your local dealer. Recalls are absolutely free; have your car diagnosed and fixed, all at no cost to you. And besides, Toyota knows about their cars' problems; who better to fix your car, than the ones who designed it to begin with! Your car can be fixed in a matter of about an hour.


  • The Prius requires you to hold the joystick shift level over to the intended gear for a split second longer. Listen to your car, and follow it's directions.


  • The car is wise enough to know that, if you accidentally shift into Reverse while the car is moving forward, this step was unintended, will beep at you and put you into Neutral instead.

Besides, according to Mythbusters who tested the concept of stopping a runaway car (whether it was an automatic or manual transmission) by shifting them into reverse, this didn't work any better.

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