How to Stir Fry Green Beans

Are you or your children tired of eating boiled green beans? With this simple recipe, you can easily make those 'bland' green beans into a delicious yet healthy dish.


  • 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • ~30ml vegetable or olive oil (preferably corn or canola)
  • Salt
  • Coarse ground black pepper or medium ground pepper (optional)
  • 1 pound fresh green beans


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    Prepare the beans by snapping off the tips.
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    Snap the beans into pieces around 3–5 centimeter (1.2–2.0 in) long (1-1/2").
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    Wash the beans under running water.
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    Boil a pot of water at the highest heat on your stovetop.
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    Put all the beans into it when the water is thoroughly boiling (you can clearly see the bubbles coming out from it). The water should then stop boiling (do not turn the heat down) because the beans are cooler and take up some heat
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    Wait about 5-30 seconds after the water starts bubbling again, and then empty the contents into a colander. The time it takes affects how soft the beans are, the longer the time they are boiled, the softer they are; the shorter the time, the crunchier they are.
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    Peel and wash the garlic, and chop it up into fine pieces no bigger than 5 centimeter (2.0 in) across and no smaller than 2 centimeter (0.8 in) across (1/4" and 1/8" respectively).
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    Heat a saucepan or fry pan with the vegetable oil in it. Wait until the oil is heated up (you can see it 'swirl or shimmer' if there is light shining on it)
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    Throw the garlic into it once the vegetable oil is heated up. Watch out, as it will sizzle and may spray oil if there is too much water on the garlic.
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    Put the beans into the saucepan/fry pan once the garlic starts to turn light golden-brown (this happens in about 5-10 seconds). Stir fry them with a spatula or pair of chopsticks stirring and turning them over constantly
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    Start sprinkling salt slowly about one minute in, according to your preference. Be sure to stir it constantly, so it is evenly spread, and taste it while adding salt every occasionally to find out how much salt you like. Be sure to keep stirring and mixing the beans constantly afterwards too.
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    Taste the beans about 3 minutes in and see how crunchy they are to your preference. Keep frying it until it is thoroughly fried, but stop before it burns.
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  • You can also sprinkle in coarse ground black pepper about 2 minutes in, or after you have finished, again tasting it to your preference. Ground chili pepper is also good, preferably with long beans, but you have to make sure that you cook it thoroughly (with ground chili pepper, add it after adding the salt).
  • This recipe also works with regular sized pieces of broccoli, except that it is not recommended to add black pepper to the broccoli with this recipe.
  • You can also use long beans; you just cut off the tips and cut them to the appropriate size.
  • This recipe may seem long (sorry), but in total, it takes around 20-30 minutes, 10-20 of which is spent preparing the beans. With long beans, it takes considerably shorter time to prepare (5 minutes for the beans for a 15-minute total), but the texture is much different.
  • It is recommended to try it first without pepper first, and then try adding pepper; some people have different tastes, and garlic only goes well with some things.

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