How to Stay Safe in the Sun Anywhere

All skin types burn. Let's get that cleared up once and for all. From the palest to the darkest tone (even pitch black), if you are outside exposed for an undetermined length of time in the sun without protection for your skin, you will eventually burn. So if you're in awe of your dark skinned friend because you think he or she doesn't burn, think again. Another thing, if you think moving to the North Pole will hinder you from getting sunburn, wrong again. Even if there is snow outside up to the roof tops and it's below zero outside, if you are out in the sun that's shining brightly, you can still get burned. Really. Our skin is very sensitive to all of the elements that inhabit this world and it's up to us to protect them because Mother Nature can be very grueling when she feels like it. Here are some tips to protecting your skin whether you're in the hottest to coldest climate on this planet we call Earth.


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    Use the right lotions and balms. Hot weather sunburn can be prevented by utilizing a few simple steps when hanging out on the beach in your favorite swimwear. Since you are on the beach to show off your body, covering up with clothes is not an option.
    • For your head, you can use a wide hat along with sunglasses to block direct sunlight to your face and eyes.
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    • For your mouth and lips, use a lip balm with a high sun protection factor (SPF). Lip balms can be used in hot or cold weather. The higher the SPF number, the more protection you'll have for your skin.
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    • For your torso and legs, a suntan lotion or any liquid sun blocking agent with a high SPF would certainly deter harmful rays from irritating your skin. Make sure you rub it on your skin covering every inch of your body that could be exposed to sunburn.
    • This also goes for the tanning salon. Be careful about the time that you spend in the tanning booth and make sure your skin is protected before you start your session.
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    Stay safe in the cold too. Cold weather sunburn is just as painful and can be prevented also by using a sun blocking agent. However, with the cold weather, you are allotted many more materials that you can use to cover up your skin.
    • For your face you can use a cap, face mask and ear muffs to help reflect rays and keep you warm at the same time.
    • For your lower body, use gloves, long sleeves, long pants and boots to prevent the harmful rays of the sun from entering your skin and causing harm and pain.
    • It's alright to load up on the suntan lotion in cold weather underneath your clothes if you're going to be out skiing or mountain hiking because the longer the exposure, the more damage can be done to your skin.
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    Check the damage. If you did what you were supposed to do to protect yourself against sunburn but still think you were overexposed, take a moment out to look at the damage.
    • How red is your skin?
    • Is it painful? For mild cases of sunburn, cool off the skin with a compress of cold water in a cloth for a few minutes at a time.
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    Use aloe vera. If you want to apply anything to the skin make sure it's only aloe vera in its purest form. Don't use any kind of moisturizers or perfumes because they may irritate your skin.
    • If you're having pain, just use an over-the-counter type medication for minor discomfort.
    • If it's very severe, then you may want to consult with your family doctor or a dermatologist. All in all, you can have a ball outdoors whether in the hot or cold weather, but keep your skin protected so you don't end up remembering it as a bad time.

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