How to Stay Safe in a Parking Garage (for Women)

Two Methods:When entering storeWhen leaving store

Many of us use parking garages in our daily lives. However, many people, especially woman, can be easily victims of predators that are mostly males. Luckily, this article has safety information that possibly could save your life.

Method 1
When entering store

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    Park next to the nearest lit spot. Even parking next to a little of light is better then no light at all.
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    Avoid parking next to a van. This is a predator's hideout of choice.
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    While in the car, write down on a piece of paper the spot of where you've parked. This way, you won't have to spend all day wandering around the parking garage, wondering where your car is. Try to memorize where you've parked.
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    Lock your car doors and windows thoroughly.
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    Keep easy weapons such as pepper spray or other easy self defense tools. If you feel unsafe in the parking garage put one of your self defense items in your purse of jacket pocket, where you can quickly get to it if needed. Immediately exit your car. Do not spend time in your car fumbling through your purse.
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    Walk confidently. Stand straight, and look around your surroundings. Avoid looking meek or unaware, as this will increase your risk of getting mugged or abducted. Do not stop or look back until you have safely reached the store. Walk briskly, but don't run.
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    Also most importantly do not spend a lot of time in the parking garage.

Method 2
When leaving store

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    Walk confidently to your vehicle. If you have shopping bags in your hand, walk very briskly, but again, don't run. Once you have loaded your bags in your car, then immediately get into your car and drive out of the parking garage.


  • If you aren't comfortable with going out to your car alone, ask a store for a clerk to escort you out to your vehicle. Many stores don't have escort clerks nowadays, but some do. It's worth a try.
  • Remember, do not stop for a person that appears to be in trouble. This is a prank that predators use to lure woman. It is woman's nature to be friendly and help, but do so only at certain times. Right now, don't. Just ignore the man, and walk out to your vehicle. Don't stop for anything if it means protecting your safety and the safety of others.


  • Instead of a gun, it's good to have pepper spray at hand. Pepper spray is less dangerous, and it's easy to use. Use it for self defense purposes. Mind you don't spray yourself. Get some practice !
  • If you get the uncomfortable feeling that someone is following you, then trust your heart. You might be correct. Immediately run to your car if you feel followed, and drive out. Don't go home if you think that somebody is following, especially if you live alone. Instead, consider staying at a place where there are other people present, such as a friend's home, or a hotel.

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