How to Stay Quiet During a Movie

Creating noise in a movie theater can be annoying and disruptive towards others. If a person can not stay quiet, he or she may be reported to an usher and be escorted out of the room. There are a few ways for you to stay quiet during a movie so that it can be an enjoyable environment for everyone.


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    Use the restrooms beforehand. Try to use it after you get your ticket, but before you step inside the theater room. Doing this after you get your seat will may force you to step in front of others that are around you to get to the aisles, and also on the way back to your seat.
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    Make sure that your seat is comfortable and that you're not bothered by the people around you. If you have a tendency to get up for a reason every so often, try choose a seat next to the aisle for more convenience. If you wish to see the movie at the best angle, go with a seat that is in the middle of the room or on the highest rise. To avoid people's heads being in your way, pick a seat closer to the screen on a lower rise.
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    Use proper manners. Don't chomp on popcorn or slurp on your soda. Also, be courteous to others as the movies isn't your house. Feet should stay on the ground instead of using the seat in front of you as a footstool. It may be a cool thing for teenagers to do, but it's frowned upon.
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    Turn off all pagers/beepers, cellphones, and other electronic devices during the previews. Some theaters will have reminders on the screen before starting the previews.
    • Avoid using electronic devices during the movie. Cellphone faces tend to illuminate light on the faceplate that can be seen a few rises up. It is inconsiderate to be talking while the movie is in session. If it's an emergency or an important call, please take the call in the main lobby. Otherwise, wait until the movie has ended.
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    Resist the urge to make trouble. Distraction takes away the enjoyment of the movie from others. If you can't help it, it's best to remove yourself from the theater room and find something else to do, for example spending time in an arcade.
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    Enjoy the movie. You paid to see it, so have fun. Comedy films are supposed to make people smile or laugh and horror movies are created for people to jump in their seats.


  • It's suggested to bring some kind of individual entertainment with you, like an iPod or a cellphone with games, while you wait for the movie to start.
  • If a person around you is making noise, please turn to them and ask them politely to quiet down. Usually there will be an usher by the main door or near the screen for assistance.

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