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Staying out of trouble is something that most people have a hard time doing. However, it's still an important skill. If you can't stay out of trouble, you'll be getting detentions, suspensions, and even expulsions all the time, not to mention trouble from your parents. So, want to learn how to keep your nose clean? Read on .


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    Don't do anything that you know you'll get in trouble for. At the time, it might not seem to be very important, and you may think you'll never get caught, but when the teacher's taking down your name and you friends are standing beside you out of trouble, you'll regret it. So don't bully anyone, don't hit anyone, don't talk during classes, don't use inappropriate language, and never touch a note. You already know you'll get in trouble for this stuff, so avoid it. It's not like you aren't going to have any fun - you can still laugh and hang out with your mates, enjoy fun/slacking off lessons, and ask people out. Plenty of fun by itself. So don't be a goody two shoes, just know the boundaries.It will make your education a better success.
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    Don't bring anything school authorities consider harmful or banned to school. This may/will includes pot, weapons, drugs, and rubber bands. If your teacher has banned mobile phones or game cards, don't bring them to school. You don't want to risk getting them confiscated-it'll earn you a bad name. If you need a mobile for calling your parents, keep it on silent - not vibrate, in your bag at all times. Don't show it off to your friends.
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    Don't eat in class, unless the teacher says it's okay. You have the time before school, after school, and during breaks to eat. Eat during those times. Remember to have a good breakfast. Carry a drink bottle with you and sip it. Do not try to sneak food during anytime that your not suppose to have it. It's embarrassing to get caught, or dobbed in. It's not only embarrassing, but it can get you into a lot of trouble. Don't try eating chewing gum either-it becomes a hassle if you're caught or you're talking to the teacher. Try having a mint or two before school and during breaks.
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    Avoid getting into fights. This might be hard, yes, but definitely worth it. Don't start a fight or argument for no reason, and don't pick on anyone. If you have to stick up for a friend or can't bear to keep your mouth shut, stick to stuff that will keep you out of trouble, like, "Just leave us alone", or "You can't talk." Something that gives you satisfaction and keeps you out of trouble. As for physical fights, avoid them at all costs. Don't even be near one, you can get in trouble. If you do have any problems solve them outside of schools, that includes getting in to fights just as much as fixing any problems you may have with any other student.
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    Don't ever cheat. This is a huge mistake. Not only is it wrong and very addicting, if you get caught you'll be in very big trouble. Study well and try your hardest. Everybody has different standards, don't try to nick someone else's. If you work well and listen, your teacher will take this into account. If you need help, ask a friend or adult who you like and trust. If you ever get the urge to cheat, think about what would happen if you got caught. Imagine everyone else staring at you, your parent's faces, the detention...Bad idea.
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    Watch where you sit. Don't sit next to the loudest or most talkative person in class or your best friends. This is because if they start talking with other people at the table, the teacher will blame the entire table. Don't sit next to the quietest people because then it will feel awkward. And the teacher will notice that you're table isn't being part of the class, and will personally pick on one of you, most likely you. So sit next to people that aren't your friends, but not people you feel uncomfortable with, kinda like half friends.
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    Keep note of who is always getting in trouble with teachers and staff. Try to avoid hanging out with these people. Chances are they are going to talk you into something and you will get in trouble to. No matter how popular they are, your record is more important.
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    Don't try to secretly text your friends or listen to music in class. The fact that you were doing it is bad enough. Its even worse that you were trying to do it secretly.
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    Listen to your teacher. Don't talk back when your teacher tells you something. They deserve respect because they are trying to help you in your future. Just because your friends get in trouble doesn't mean you should. Stick up for them and let them fight their own battles.
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    Do not make up a "secret" word for something inappropriate. Sooner or later, it will get out. And once it gets out you're done for.


  • Know your teachers' limits. Don't go too far and you'll be fine.
  • Don't give in to peer pressure. Your friends and peers can convince you to do bad stuff, but if they told you to jump off a cliff would you still do it?
  • When you do get in trouble, stay calm and don't let it happen again.
  • Don't get angry if they annoy you. It's better to just walk away or just ignore them; however, never say "yeah, whatever" and turn your back, as this could instigate another confrontation.
  • Always have a smile on your face. A smile can help defuse someone who is angry with you.
  • Try to stay in your teachers' good books. Don't be too cheeky, and make sure they know you're listening and trying hard. At the same time, don't suck up to them. Just do your very best in school and trust me you will be happy with yourself at the end of school.
  • Don't hang around with the wrong crowd.
  • Think before you act. Some people do things they think won't get them into trouble without thinking of the realistic consequences.
  • Don't retaliate if a classmate makes fun of you or bullies you. Calmly step away from the problem and back down.
  • Never cheat! Not only does it get you in trouble, but the person may have the wrong answer. Even the best student can make mistakes.


  • Some teachers have very short fuses. Try not to anger those teachers.
  • Don't try to secretly text your friends or listen to music in class. These items will also be confiscated and your parents will have to get them for you.
  • Never roll your eyes at a teacher, they take it as a very big offense and the consequences can be very harsh!!
  • If a teacher gets you in trouble for something you didn't do frequently, tell your parents so they can fix it.
  • Don't ever, ever lie to your teachers. It's bad enough that you did something wrong, but you lied about it.

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