How to Stay on Top of Homework

It's important to keep up-to-date with your homework, so you don't get bogged down with lots of work later. This article will help you to stay in control of your homework. It will also give you the opportunity to do your homework and get a resulting good grade. This is a sure way of pleasing parents and teachers, too. You will also stay out of trouble and be known as a good kid.


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    Start on your homework if your teacher gives you free time at the end of class. It helps keep the workload down when you're actually at home. You can also ask the teacher for help. You can always save the talking with friends for later. Use spare time at lunch too. In the evening when you are tired, you can talk to friends rather than do homework (if it is done).
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    Keep a homework agenda. Many schools provide one for you, but if yours doesn't, buy one. They are useful because you can jot down when you are given the homework and when it has to be handed in. It is best to do homework on the night that you receive it so that you won't fall behind. Try to predict how long each assignment will take.You could have piano practice or a soccer game and the agenda is perfect for jotting down the useful time periods you need
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    Find a good place in which to do your homework. It's not a good idea to have distractions in the background, such as T.V. in the other room, or a sibling playing video games next to you. And besides, there is hopefully time after homework is finished to do whatever you want to do, such as play with your siblings and get some fresh air. Remember, don't stress out on your homework. Reward yourself. Say you finish your math homework. Go eat a cookie and take a 5-10 minute break. Don't take too long of a break or you will lose focus and will most likely not go back to your homework. Avoid computers unless you need them for homework. Instant messages and emails will distract you. Try not to take any phone calls from friends while doing homework. Sit in a quiet place and finish the work.
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    Do the work that is due closest to the present first. If you have a 2000 word essay due in a week and a short quiz due tomorrow then you should get the quiz out of the way so you are free to concentrate on the long term task without the constant worry of the task due tomorrow. Stress is bad for the human mind.
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    Take short breaks to give your brain a rest. For instance, for every hour you do homework, have a fifteen minute rest.
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    Save some time at the end to check over your work, or to have your parents or siblings look it over. Make sure you have it all done.
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    Make sure you are not in a rush. Often, you miss things and make mistakes. Work at a steady rate that is good for you. So, don't do it 5 minutes before the lesson starts, Because if the teacher has been teaching for a while, they will realize that if your work is usually really good and suddenly is not, they will know you did your homework last minute.
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    Encourage yourself. Tell yourself, "Every time I finish one page of homework, I'll be closer and closer to the end." This will make time go by faster and you'll get your homework done.
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    Go to the library. Maybe if all the rest fails go to the library after school and finish that day's homework. You could go to the school library or the local library. The library is a quiet place, which helps a lot of people get their work done, and there is often access to great research materials and computers that you can use to help you.


  • If you have extra curricular activities, try to get as much homework done before you do them.
  • Don't rush your homework so that you can get it done quicker. You will feel better doing it slower and getting a better grade.
  • Listen to what the teacher assigns you for homework. You really don't want to be doing too much or too little for homework. Feel free to ask questions about the homework assigned. Your teacher will never think you're stupid for asking a simple question, especially about something as important as homework. (i.e. If Mrs. Johnson assigns 5 chapters of reading over the weekend on a regular basis, and you don't hear her say no reading this weekend in class on Friday, you'll end up spending your weekend reading something you didn't have to, and probably stressing about it!)
  • Keep your workplace clean. It helps you concentrate and motivates you more to be working in a neat environment.
  • Keep your priorities straight! Your shopping spree can wait until the weekend, but the majority of your homework cannot.
  • Also, don't call your friends and copy their answers. Teachers will find out, and even if they don't, there will be consequences. You won't be able to understand the work completely, and then your test grades will suffer. Having said this, it's perfectly fine to call a friend if you don't understand the homework and need to ask for help (although asking your teacher will guarantee the right answer.) If you do call your friend, only stay on the phone for as long as you need don't want to get distracted!
  • Try to listen in class as much as possible. I know how easy it is to go into your own thoughts, but really think about and visualize what the teacher is saying. If you think something is boring, pretend it's not! Soon, you'll start to like that subject.
  • Always try to complete an assignment, even if you feel that you can't do it. Teachers will always give you credit for trying.
  • Try to avoid doing homework near a computer, unless it is absolutely necessary to use your computer.
  • Keep a notebook at your working area, so you can write down things that need doing or just write a few notes down about your homework. This way, you always have somewhere to write your thoughts down. It helps a lot if you feel stressed.
  • Try to start on some of the easy homework at lunchtime or during your bus trip on the way home if you have a chance.
  • Take a break from doing homework once in a while. Set a one hour or two hour limit for homework everyday and try to stick to it. After you've done your hours, do something relaxing or something you want to do.
  • Don't come home and do your homework right away. You will be reluctant and because you won't be able to do anything until you finish, it may motivate you but it will also pressure you. Try having a snack first or take a walk, then you won't be dying to do something else.
  • Set goals for yourself. For example, if you get these five or whatever problems done, go play a game on the Internet, then keep going. Just make sure that you don't get too preoccupied with the game and forget to go back to homework.
  • Also, do other things in the process, like eat something (healthy), or put something away in your room while you are taking a break - that way, you can do whatever you want later, not clean your room or satisfy your growling stomach.
  • Make sure you get some exercise every once in a while to keep your energy up.
  • Even if you don't have any homework for a particular lesson, review what you learned during that lesson.
  • If you go somewhere during your homework time, then don't try to jot it all down before you have to go. Let's say you woke up at 7 am, go to school at 8 am and come back at 3 pm; your bedtime was 9 so you have a full six hours! Don't fret! Plan what you are going to do. Maybe you will have a break up to 4 pm. Then you do a part of it in a half hour. If you feel stressed out, take a a few minutes off! Now it's 4:45. Keep following this until you finish it. Don't get too carried away with your breaks though. Leave an hour or so for free time. Try to follow the same plan. It will turn out to be easier.
  • Do work on the computer first, then do the paper work last as to avoid stress.
  • Don't procrastinate. If you get homework, do it as soon as possible so that you don't have to worry about it, rather than cramming everything at the last minute.
  • It's important to always check you have your homework with you when you go to school. Then put it away so you don't have to worry about finding it in the morning.
  • Use the notes the teacher told you to take down during class if you forgot what something was.
  • try not to have your phone close by. It is a huge distraction.
  • If you do not understand the subject, ask the teacher if you can stay after school or before school. If they are busy and are not able to go to a the main office or counselor and ask if another teacher that teaches the same subject is staying after school.
  • Choose a special time during any time in your day to do homework.
  • Have all the supplies you need to do your homework so you don't get distracted looking for them.
  • Make sure you understand the homework before you leave class. Nobody will think you are stupid for asking a question, it is a way of life. It is better to ask a question in class and get an 'A', than it is to not ask a question and fail.


  • Don't think that just because your friends haven't done the homework you don't have to. Homework is important.
  • Don't try to make up excuses to not do your homework or just go get up and do something not important.
  • Doing your homework instead of not doing it can save you from a scolding or embarrassment (scolding you in front of the whole class) by your teacher.
  • Don't think that skipping just a little will be okay. Teachers notice little things that don't matter and freak out about them. Example: if you don't do three questions on a math page then your teacher will consider this a lack in effort and motivation. This will lower your grades and probably land you in an annoying counseling program.
  • Don't go on the computer saying you're looking up grades then start editing your Facebook page.
  • Don't do your homework in bed. You will fall asleep and it won't get done.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencils, pens, highlighters, coloring pens, crayons, post-it notes, glue stick, etc.
  • A bottle of water, to keep you hydrated.
  • Your homework agenda, to check what homework you have.
  • Healthy snacks, fruit, etc.
  • A comfortable, quiet place to work.
  • Homework.
  • A prepared mind

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