How to Stay in Shape During College

Two Parts:Having a Healthy DietKeeping Fit

How many people do you know who have either lost or gained weight while they were at college? A lot of those people did not heed the free advice that was given to them. Many of them thought that college would just be a couple of years that will pass by, and eventually they will get their shapes back. Guess what? It’ll be harder than they think! Luckily for you, there is a different way to get back to your ideal weight after college: that is, to not get out of shape in the first place!

Part 1
Having a Healthy Diet

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    Buy healthy food only. So it's hard not to constantly eat fast food, but it's not hard if you add up how much money you'll save. For example, if you go to Chipotle once a day and you spend around $10, that's $300 per month! Imagine if you did that for lunch, Starbucks for breakfast, and another fast food for dinner? That's a lot of money! A cheap, healthy, and filling option for breakfast is oatmeal. A variety pack of 24 Quaker Oatmeal is around $7.50 from Smart & Final. Eat one every morning. For lunch, pack a peanut butter and jelly. Super cheap, delicious, high in fats, and protein. For dinner, make chicken and rice. Chicken isn't too expensive, and rice is cheap and lasts a long time too. For in between snacks, eat a banana, apple, or some nuts.
    • Eat real food. Whether you're at college dining hall or out and about off campus, you must choose carefully what you eat. Stay away from greasy food, no matter how hungry you are. If you are visiting a restaurant and you don't know what to order, think of the stuff you usually eat at home. In other words: do not order some ridiculously expensive or greasy meal that is enough for three people.
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    Start your day with an apple. It might not seem much, but it's easy and healthy. One apple is the best food you can have for breakfast, according to some. Try to have at least 6 apples somewhere in your room. Keep them at a low temperature level, and make them a mixture of red, green, and yellow; After all, eating only one type each day will make you hate it later.
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    Stay away from fast food. Fast food is the easiest and fastest way to have lunch. However, you must avoid it completely! The first time, it will be a onetime thing in your head... but low and behold, it becomes the thing. You will be stuck in the greasy fat life of fast food forever. So you might want to avoid that from the beginning.
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    Avoid soda or alcoholic drinks. You are young, but in college you are in a very sensitive place in which any mistake will help in shaping the body you will have later in your life. So if you want to stay fit, try to replace soda with juice, water or diet drinks. If you are afraid to be embarrassed in front of your friends, say that it’s hurting your stomach these days. And if you must drink with them, make sure you have a lot of water and exercise later that day.
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    Allow yourself one day of rebellion. Depriving your body from all the tempting food you see, especially if you are eating in a restaurant, all day will make you rebellious at a certain point. So you might as well want to put that rebellion under control. Pick the day that you usually hit the gym. Allow yourself a delicious certain food that you’ve been craving all week. As long as your exercise enough, you will burn those calories, there’s no need to worry.

Part 2
Keeping Fit

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    Go the long way. If your class is next to where you are staying, try to take the longest and hardest route to get there. Take the biggest number of stairs at morning. This will become your daily morning workout!
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    Work out. College does not give you much free time, so try to steal a couple of minutes daily to do about fifty ab workouts. It should not be hard if you haven’t gained weight yet. If you have, start with ten; on condition that you make it fifty in less than 15 days. Also make at least 2 hours of serious workout each week. That should burn whatever you had piled up in your body during the week.
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    Get a gym membership. Aim for one of those $10 per month ones. The gym can be helpful in many ways.
    • You're working out, and burning calories
    • You're releasing hormones that make you feel better and happier
    • You're around more people and can make friends. After all, you have something in common with everyone in the gym: you work out.
    • You're keeping yourself busy so you don't spend money shopping or eating.
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    Participate in any social activities you can manage. Being in college means there is a lot of work. However, it also means that there is a lot of fun. If you choose to stay in bed and play video games while eating during your free time, your body will adjust to the idea of being asleep the whole time... and therefore, burning calories will stop. Try to make the best of those times by having fun and also staying in shape during the best years of your life.
    • Keep yourself busy. Sitting in your house or dorm all day is boring, so you eat, burns no calories because you're just sitting there, and is lonely. Consider joining a group or club. Maybe even get a job. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. In fact, a simple, mindless job is probably better. A stressful job is the last thing you want when you're already stressed about school. Remember your main focus is school, not your job. Consider a coffee shop, waitress, or clothing store job.


  • It is preferable to have some equipment in your room. Especially if you don't have a gym where you're staying, a jump rope for instance, that exercise along with some ab and crunch workouts will be perfect in those two hours of weekly practice.


  • Be careful not to starve yourself to death! The meals you have each day should be sufficient. The main goal is to not have more than you need!

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