How to Stay in Cheerleading Shape over the Summer

Cheerleading is a physically demanding sport, and requires a high level of stamina and flexibility. So when summer break comes around, how will you manage to maintain your flexibility and hard-earned tumbling and stunting skills? How will you impress everyone at the start of next season? Read on.


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    Stretch. This is the most vital step in maintaining your flexibility. You should spend approximately ten to fifteen minutes multiple times a week stretching, holding each position for about thirty seconds. Do not rush through stretching simply because you cannot be bothered as if you do not stretch properly and injure yourself, it will prohibit you from being able to work on your cheerleading over the break altogether. Try some of these simple yet effective stretching positions.
    • Pike stretch. This stretch will stretch your hamstrings and your calves, two very important muscles needed in cheerleading, especially when performing jumps. To stretch your pike, sit up straight on the ground with your legs straight out in front of you. Gently bend over, reaching your arms to your toes, and try to get your nose to touch your knees for a better stretch. Be sure to keep your feet flat and your toes pointing to the ceiling.
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    • Lunge Stretch. A lunge stretch is a good way to stretch out your splits. Go into a kneeling "proposal" position on the ground with one knee pointing to the ceiling and the other on the ground. Without moving your front knee in front of your front toe, stretch out your back leg as far as you can. Be sure to keep your back upright. Hold for thirty seconds and switch sides so your other leg is on the front.
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    • The Butterfly Stretch. Sitting on the ground, bend your knees in so the bottom of your feet are touching each other in front of you. try to move your feet closer to your body and lean forward so your nose is touching your feet. Also try to push your knees so they are flat on the ground. Hold for thirty seconds.
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    • The Bridge. To do a bridge from the ground, lay down on your back with your knees pointed to the ceiling. Make sure your feet are flat on the ground. Place your hands so they are in line with your ears and so your fingers are pointing the same way as your toes and push up. To do a bridge position from standing, you must have a pretty solid bridge on the ground. Keep your arms locked and by your ears. Watch your hands as you push your hips forward and bend your knees and fall back into your bridge. Performing a bridge from standing is called a Backbend. Always use a spotter if you have never performed a backbend before. A backbend (or bridge) stretches out your back. Bridges can be tough to hold, so try to hold one for as long as you can (even if that is only ten seconds).
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    • The Quad Stretch. The quad stretch is also an important stretch. It stretches your quad (or thigh) muscles. To achieve a quad stretch, stand on your right leg and lift up your left foot so your left knee is pointing towards the ground. Grab your left foot with your left hand and pull your foot towards your bottom. Hold for thirty seconds and then switch so you are standing on your left leg and lifting up your right foot.
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    • Stretching the shoulder and arm muscles. These are important especially during tumbling as they are the things holding up your body. To stretch your shoulders, bend both your elbows in front of you so your forearms are parallel to each other. Then, move both your arms to they are on either side of you. Place each arm against a wall. A door frame or hallway is ideal for this stretch. Then, push forward on your chest. To stretch your wrists, extend one arm out in front of your body so the palm of your hand is facing away from you. With your other hand, gently pull back on your fingers. Hold for thirty seconds and then switch arms.
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    Practice your tumbling. If you do not practice your tumbling over a long period of time, chances are when you need to tumble again next season you will chicken out of it. Practice on a safe, stable trampoline (preferably one with a safety net around it). If you haven't mastered a move yet, use a spotter for assistance. Practice:
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    Participate in a cheer camp. There are many great cheer camps that take course over the summer holidays. These are the perfect opportunity to meet new friends, gain flexibility and learn many new tumbling, stunting and dance moves. Search online or phone up your local gym to see if they have anything going these holidays.
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    Work at it! This is the perfect time to excel at something in cheerleading you don't have completely down pat. If you're not flat in your splits, stretch daily and try to make it all the way to the floor. If you can do a split on only one leg, stretch out the other leg! If you can do a standing back bend but can't kick over, search up youtube videos to help you. Get your toe touch that much higher and practice it daily on the ground and on the trampoline! There are many simple things you could do at home which could improve yourself for next season - and who knows, maybe your hard work on your toe touches or your tumbling could score you a front-row position in your next routine!


  • Always stretch both sides of the body. Whatever you stretch one leg, you should always stretch the other!
  • Go for a jog or have a hot shower to warm up before stretching. It will make stretching easier and lessen the chance of injury.
  • Hot outside? Get some fellow cheerleaders together and jump in the pool! Practice stunting in the pool. Be sure to stick with the shallow end and keep away from pool edges.
  • Go to the gym and work on your muscle strength! This will make lifting up stunts easier.
  • Go to an open gym at a gymnastic gym with some friends and work on tumbling if you don't have a trampoline!


  • Be careful when stunting in the pool. Make sure to have adult supervision.
  • Always stretch to prevent injury.

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