How to Stay in a Good Emotional Condition

Even when you experience hard times and your might have reason to complain, consider these easy tips to stay in a good emotional condition. Go for emotional self-determination and you don't have to be a victim of things that happen to you.


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    Take care of your thoughts. You will have to make sure that you spend more time thinking about things you like, than you think about things you dislike. Your thoughts have direct access to your emotions. If you think about unpleasant things for a long time, you may damage your ability to enjoy your life permanently!
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    Take care of your words. When somebody talks to you, avoid talking like a victim. When you tell other people, that you always have to do, what others tell you, than a lot of folks will treat you exactly like you told them. They will tell you, what to do. They will treat you like a victim, because you talk like a victim.
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    Take care of your actions. Do things that improve your life and don't do things that destroy your life. It is better to spend time with your family and to buy flowers for your wife than it is to argue and complain all the time. It is better to try to achieve something than it is to give up before you start. Don't blame others for your situation, as there might be a view exceptions, but most people get exactly what they allow others to do to them. Complaining may be a comfortable place for you. You would not believe how many people would rather live an unpleasant life for many more years, than to take the responsibility for their own situation.
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    Take care of your body language. Hold your head straight up! This demand has a psychological background! Good posture and a jaunty step raise your mood and improves your impression to other people. Spiritual caregivers are being trained to convince potential suicide victims to look up to the ceiling, because this helps immediately to feel better. Mind and posture influence each other more than you think. If you start to walk, like you were depressed, you will start to feel depressed soon.
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    Take care of your goals. Make only positive goals. That means, do not formulate things not to happen. Your subconscious mind does not work this way. Proof: Don't think of white horses. What do you think of, right now? Goals like “I don't want to smoke anymore” will never work, because in the coming lessons you will learn, you need 100 percent help from you subconscious mind!
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    Take care of your constitution. If you are upset or depressed, grab you MP3-Player, your sneakers and move your body. For almost everybody this helps very, very well. If you fall out of the state and everything seems to be overwhelming: Don't listen to your brain! Get in motion. Run, walk, ride a bike. It doesn't matter. Don't allow you mind to convince you that life is a waste of time. Your brain is not your friend in these situations.
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    Take care of your boundaries. Do not allow other people to do things, that are against your strong conviction. If you do not want to do something, look the other person straight in the eyes, leave no doubt that you understood everything and than say NO. Nobody will respect you and the consequences of YES are sometimes much more worse than the consequences of NO. If you try to avoid trouble, this is the best way to get in trouble on the long run.
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    Take care of your inner voice. You talk to your self in your mind. All the time. You can sit in your home and talk yourself to hell and back again, without even one single cause from the real world. Nobody can freak you out faster, than you do.
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    Take care of your beliefs. This is by far the most important point! You might have noticed that there are other people around you who have different beliefs. They can do things that you could never do. They can walk right into a crowd and everybody will step aside. They can easily convince other people to fulfill their wishes. They always seem to be on the sunny side. They have strong beliefs, that this is how the world works. It might be too early, but consider that your world is a result of your beliefs. During the next weeks you might find out that a lot of things that you consider as the “real” reality, are not as unchangeable as they seem.

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