How to Stay Healthy on a Holiday

Everybody knows what its like to go on a Holiday break and then end it with a few extra pounds; it's not the greatest thing. As tempting as it might be to spend you holiday lazing around, holidays are actually the perfect time to get into shape. Try these get fit fixes when your on vacations. So follow these steps to a more healthier and better Holiday.


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    Play sports to keep in shape. Volleyball, soccer, jump roping, playing at the beach, swimming, tennis, running, dancing, or any other physical activity. You can do at least 3 times a week will be beneficial to your health.
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    Leave some space on your plate while you're piling food on it. Make sure you can see the plate in between each food item. This way you will eat less, and besides, you can always go back for more if you didn't get enough the first time!
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    Avoid buffets like the plague - it will tempt you to eat more, and you WILL eat more than you planned on doing.
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    Eat slowly. This allows the food to go to your stomach faster, which will make you feel full.
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    Drink water in between bites. This also makes you more full faster.
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    Reduce but don't eliminate certain foods. Most people eat for pleasure as well as nutrition. If your favorite foods are high in fat, salt or sugar, the key is moderating how much of these foods you eat and how often you eat them.
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    Make changes gradually. Just as there are no "super-foods" or easy answers to a healthy diet, don't expect to totally revamp your eating habits overnight. Changing too much and too fast can get in the way of success. Begin to remedy excesses or deficiencies with modest changes that can add up to positive, lifelong eating habits. For instance, if you don't like the taste of skim milk, try low-fat. Eventually you may find you like skim, too.
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    Remind yourself not to eat too much of the sweets. Just because they are there does not mean you have to feel obligated to eat them!


  • Keep a diet journal if possible. List the things you ate that day and your mood. Also list on a scale of 1 to 10 on your hunger level. By doing this you can see your bad eating habits (such as eating when your stressed, eating too much when your not really hungry, etc.) and try to stop them.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Diet with a friend, if possible. This keeps you motivated and you have someone who will always be there to help you!
  • Instead of reaching for the pizza and chips when your abroad, make sure you keep your diet well balanced. Opt for low-fat dishes with plenty of delicious vegetables and fruit.
  • While traveling abroad, especially in tropical countries, it is important to stay hydrated all the time. However, it is even more important that you must take extra care to ensure you have access to hygienic, safe, and potable drinking water to avoid being caught in the trap of gastrointestinal or bacterial infections while traveling overseas.

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