How to Stay Focused on Your Fitness Training Program

Getting fit should not just be a January or February thing. Your body needs good loving 365 days of the year. And there is so much more you are capable of accomplishing. Let me show you how. This guide will show you how to stay focused on your fitness training program.


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    Decide what you want to achieve. You must have heard the statement 'Failing to plan is planning to fail'. Well, this rings very true for your fitness training and weight loss program. The number one reason people abandon their exercise regimes is because they do not set out any structure, diet timetable, finances etc towards their intended goals.
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    Keep a journal to chart your progress. It will give you inspiration to continue at that turning point when most people give up. Just imagine yourself kicking back on Day 57, as you realize in amazement that over the past 8 weeks you have either lost 20 pounds, lifted an extra 30kg in your daily work out session or can now fit into that dress you wore as care-free teenager. Your journal should include a commentary on your daily workout sessions, weight, exercise variations, number of reps and goals towards your next workout.
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    Set realistic and achievable goals. As you master each task you set yourself, you will feel an inner sense of pride that will inspire you to do more.
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    Have a partner - either a spouse, friend or colleague to join you in your workout sessions. It can prove the difference between short term success or long term victory. Even being in the same room with other motivated people in a gym setting can do wonders for your personal commitment towards your own goals.
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    Chill out. Inject some fun into your fitness program. Getting fit and doing exercises should be fun and not approached as a chore or punishment meted out by your worst high school teacher.

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