How to Stay Favourable With Your Agent

Staying in your agent's good books can sometimes mean the difference between being a successful working model or actor and have to struggle for jobs. Common sense and good people skills go a long way but these additional tips can also help.


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    Keep your agent up-to-date with your promotional material. This means send new Z-cards and headshots when you get them.
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    Remember to keep your agent aware of your movements. If you re-locate, let them be one of the first people to know. Also, make sure they have a basic idea of your calendar. Keep them up-to-date on your free dates on a regular basis and make sure that, if you can't work for a while (e.g. you're on holiday, sitting exams...), you tell them as soon as you can.
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    Try to return calls and e-mails as quickly as you can. Fashion and entertainment is a fast-paced business so don't keep putting off returning your messages.
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    Try to be as flexible as possible. Agents do understand that the entertainment business might just be a part-time thing for you but they will eventually get fed up if you continually can't take their jobs.


  • Remember that when your agent sends you out on a job or casting that you are representing the agency as well as yourself. Keep them sweet by being sweet!
  • Agents are people too so don't be intimidated but, at the same time, do understand that they are busy people. If they don't immediately respond to you or seem "short" on the phone, don't immediately think they hate you!


  • Do not flout any exclusivity clauses in your contract. If your agency requests that you do not sign with any other agency in, say, the same county/state, then don't do it! If they find out, you'll probably not only get dropped from your first agency possibly any subsequent agency you're with as well.
  • Occasionally push comes to shove and you'll find yourself being dropped from an agency's books. It's not good but it does happen. Pick yourself up and find somebody new to represent you. However, most other agencies will not mind if the reason you got dropped was due to "market forces" - in other words, you simply weren't bringing in work! - but you might have some explaining to do if you got dropped because of something you did (e.g. lost a major client by not turning up). If so, don't lie but do stress that you have changed your ways and have learnt from your mistake.

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