How to Stay Entertained on a Treadmill

Two Methods:Games and Media EntertainmentEntertaining Workout Routines

If you work out using a treadmill, it can sometimes be difficult to stay motivated or entertained, especially since using a treadmill requires you to walk or run in one spot without experiencing a change of scenery. To stay motivated and dedicated to your routine treadmill workout, you can mix entertainment with your workout to prevent yourself from becoming bored. Types of entertainment you can use in your workout are music, magazines and books (especially audiobooks), and television. You can also develop a variety of different workouts to make your daily routine more exciting. Continue reading this article to learn about the many ways in which you can stay entertained while using a treadmill.

Method 1
Games and Media Entertainment

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    Listen to music during your workout. In addition to keeping you entertained, music can motivate you to push yourself harder during your workout routine.
    • Play music on your stereo if you work out at home, or listen to music using your portable or digital music player and headphones.
    • Select a variety of rock or dance songs for your playlist that fall between 120 and 140 beats per minute (BPM). Songs with fast tempos that fall within this BPM range will help maintain your energy and motivation during your workout.
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    Listen to forms of audio entertainment that interest you. Examples of entertainment you can listen to while on the treadmill are audiobooks, talk radio, comedy routines, and educational materials.
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    Watch television while on the treadmill. Many gyms are equipped with suspended televisions you can watch from afar, or have televisions that are directly mounted to the treadmills.
    • Position your treadmill in front of a television if you work out at home.
    • Watch your favorite movies or television shows. You can even schedule your workout around your favorite television programs, which can also help maintain your daily workout routine.
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    Read books or magazines as you work out. Reading a novel or story can be an ideal way to stay entertained on the treadmill, but this method should only be practiced if the book or magazine can be safely secured to the treadmill, for safety purposes.
    • Verify that the treadmill has a tray that supports the book or magazine, or use clips or clothespins to secure the book or magazine to the dashboard of the treadmill.
    • Read using a digital e-reader or tablet so that you can read and turn pages with the quick push of a button or by briefly touching the screen of the device.
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    Develop fun games to play while using the treadmill. This method can be especially entertaining if you are at a gym or community center that is frequented by other people.
    • Play variations of counting games during every workout. For example, count the number of people wearing a certain brand of athletic shoes throughout your workout, or count the number of people wearing a specific shirt color.
    • Designate certain songs or artists on your music playlist that require you to run or walk faster when they are played. For example, when songs by a specific artist are played, increase your treadmill speed for the duration of those particular songs.

Method 2
Entertaining Workout Routines

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    Use a different interval or running program daily. Most treadmills are equipped with settings that allow you to choose from a variety of workout programs; such as intervals, inclines, and other routines that can keep you entertained.
    • Browse running programs and routines using the controls or dashboard buttons on your treadmill. You can also consult directly with the treadmill manufacturer to determine how to program or use certain routines.
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    Focus on training a different part of your body on a daily basis. Although treadmills may not provide the most versatility in regards to a complete body workout in every aspect, you can choose to focus on either strength training or cardio training.
    • Practice strength-training and muscle-building for your thigh and calf muscles by slowing down your pace and setting the treadmill on the steepest incline.
    • Focus on an intense cardio workout by using no incline and running at the fastest possible pace you can manage.
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    Race the person next to you on the treadmill. This practice can be especially entertaining and motivating if you work out with a friend or other acquaintance.
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    Set daily exercise goals. Setting and working toward a daily goal can keep you entertained and focused throughout your workout as you strive to meet your goal.
    • Set goals that determine the length of your workout, the distance you run or walk, or the amount of calories you burn. For example, if you ran 2 mi (3.21 km) yesterday, set a goal to run 2.25 mi (3.62 km) today.

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