How to Stay Energised at Christmas

December is a very busy month, and paired with the cold weather you can often find yourself with low energy levels. So here's how to stay peppy during Christmas!


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    Make sure you get the right amount of sleep. Sleep is important all year round, but is especially so in winter. Don't stay up surviving on coffee as you finish writing those last few Christmas cards. Go to bed at a set time every night, and set your alarm clock to wake you up at a reasonable time when you've had enough sleep. Eight and a half hours is a good amount for most people. When you wake up, get up out of bed and drink some orange juice or coffee to get energised, then hop in the shower. If you hit the snooze button, it'll be harder and harder to get up, especially if it's cold out.
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    Go for a walk or a morning jog. It may be cold outside but we need as much sunlight as we can get in the winter months, as if we're starved of sunlight we become depressed. Fresh air also makes you sleep better and makes you feel fresher, so go outside, but remember to wrap up warm.
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    Eat properly. It's easy to skip meals if you're busy getting things ready for Christmas, but your energy levels will decrease if you forget to eat well. If you find yourself really pushed for time, then grab a cereal or fruit bar and some iced coffee to keep you on the go. Banana's are also a good thing to keep you going, as they slowly release energy, rather than just giving you a sugar rush. Stay away from Coca-cola, sugary cereals, and foods that will just give you a quick burst of energy. Try heating up a small bowl of quick-cook pasta for lunch or dinner if you're really busy.
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    Rest and de-stress. Christmas is really stressful and you can find yourself overloaded with things to do. If you start snapping at people, take a break. Have a bubble bath with some scented candles and nice fluffy towels. Set up a little den on the sofa with cushions. Let yourself take control of the remote for a few hours and watch some TV. Have a nap, or read a whole magazine front to back. Calm yourself down, and make a realistic list of everything you still need to do. Things don't have to be absolutely perfect. If there are some necessary things you think you won't be able to achieve before the big day, then politely ask someone to help you out with something, whether it's buying gift wrap or decorating the house.
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    Enjoy yourself. Christmas is meant to be a fun time, don't worry about getting someone the absolute perfect present, or making an over-the-top recipe. Relax, and remember to find time to laugh.


  • When walking or jogging outside, be very careful if it's icy or snowing. If a severe weather warning is issued then stay indoors.
  • Be careful when using candles, and don't leave them burning.

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