How to Stay Away from Germs

Germs are all around us, and we are going to come in contact with them. You can, however, minimize your exposure and maximize your good health at the same time.


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    Keep hand sanitizer in your purse, your pocket, etc. as much as possible. If you need to touch something you don't feel comfortable with, sanitize your hands afterwards
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    Shake hands only when absolutely necessary to be polite. Hands are one of the dirtiest areas on the body. Especially avoid shaking hands with someone who appears sick (coughing, sneezing, wheezing, etc).
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    Stay away from internet cafes. Mice in internet cafes were judged to be the "second most bacteria-infested items in a list of commonly touched objects".
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    Bring sanitizer wipes with you to the grocery store. Everyone has to eat, so most people have to do at least some grocery shopping. The handles on grocery carts are the most bacteria-infested item that is commonly touched (see above article).
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    Stay away from public toilets as much as possible. While the urinals and seats may not be too dirty, the stall doors and door knobs are full of bacteria.
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    Wash your hands often. If you wash often, you can minimize your chance of getting sick from any bacteria you have picked up.
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    Stay away from people you know are sick, don't completely avoid everyone that seems to cough every now and then, and try not to come in much physical contact with strangers, or some ill friends.


  • Remember that having a strong immune system will help you battle any germs you come in contact with. Vitamin C, plenty of rest, a balanced diet, and plenty of exercise can really make a difference if your aim is to stay healthy.
  • Remember that you will come in contact with germs. There is no real way to avoid it. Try not to go over the top about coming in contact (i.e. jumping up and down while yelling "eew") with bacteria. Take it in stride, and know that everyone comes in contact with these disease causing agents.
  • Don't be rude about shaking hands. If you have your sanitizer with you, don't immediately rub it on. This will make you look a little odd, which can give a bad impression (especially first impressions).

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