How to Stay Awake on Christmas Eve

Two Parts:Getting Past ParentsFood/Drinks

Have you always wondered who's eating your Christmas cookie? Well, now it's your time to find out. All you have to do is just gather a few materials and you'll be ready to find out.

Part 1
Getting Past Parents

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    Get something to sleep on. The best and most comfortable thing is a sleeping bag, because no one wants to sleep on a dirty carpet. If your bedroom is close by or you can peek out into the hall from your bedroom, that's the best option.
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    Find a good hiding place! Your parents (or Santa) might not be very happy if you're up so late. Behind cupboards or couches are good if there's a wall behind them.
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    When your parents tell you to go to bed, pretend like you are doing just that. Roll on your side so they can't see your face and drink or eat something with lots of sugar to keep your hyper and energized.
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    Wait till you hear the door shut. It will be very quiet so you will have to pay close attention. Most parents will also turn the hall lights off if you/they are going to bed.
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    Get up and start arranging your spot and what you will do before they get back.
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    Hide. A very good hiding space is underneath the Christmas tree, but make sure you have lots of room.
    • If your Christmas tree is low to the ground it will probably not be a very good idea.
    • Most houses have a dining room and a dining table. Hide underneath the dining room table if you really want to. You can also hide under a couch or in a cupboard.
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    If you want to see your gift, get binoculars. It's better safe than sorry.
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    Be surprised about your gift even if you sneakily saw it. You will need a very surprised look unless you asked what you are going to get, so start practicing!
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    You will have needed to set up everything before Christmas comes. Christmas Eve or the day before Christmas Eve work just fine so your parents don't see your stuff.

Part 2

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    You will need food with lots of sugar. Not too much though because you will probably crash when you're opening your gifts. A few pieces of candy and hot chocolate do well enough to keep you awake.
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    Don't drink too much liquid because your parents will hear if you flush the toilet. On the other hand, going to the bathroom is a great way to create a distraction if you need a quick escape!
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    Simply fall asleep! Little kids probably won't want their Christmas spoiled, so get the sleep you'll need for your early morning if you want a surprise!


  • Make sure your parents are gone before you set up.
  • Do not hide out in plain sight.
  • Get a sleeping bag that will blend in and not stand out.
  • Also one trick is that if you want to stay up drink some tea. The only downside is that tea makes you have to go to the bathroom, which may not be the best.


  • Do this at your own risk.
  • Don't do it unless you know that if you get caught you still get the present.

Things You'll Need

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Binoculars
  • Food/Drinks
  • Patience
  • Game System
  • Distraction


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