How to Stash Snacks in Your Room

If you like to stay up late secretly in to your room, read this to stash food if you get hungry.


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    Wait until your parents aren't home, are asleep, or are in their room. Or, alternatively, you could try to sneak them up while they are awake and moving about. This is more challenging, and a bag (ex: a purse) or hoodie (with pockets) may be needed.
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    Go to the kitchen, or wherever the snacks are. (ex: a pantry not in the kitchen.)
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    Get the snacks you want. Make sure they do not require water or the use of a microwave, stove, etc. Refrigerated snacks are fine on one condition: that you have something to put them in (like a cooler.)
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    Sneak them up to your room. You can do this by, if the item is small enough, putting it under your armpit, and walking nonchalantly to your room. If your parents or somebody else is awake and you walk by them, don't walk funny. That might give it away. If it's a bigger item, hold it in purse or jacket, or whatever you have that's available, so that you or anyone else are able to see the item.
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    Put them in a drawer or a place where your parents won't find them. Do not simply toss them in an innocent cardboard box. This doesn't work, and if you leave the box open, you're done for.
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    Save them for a time you need them, like staying up late at night. If you're going to stay up for a while, don't eat it very fast. You want to make it last.
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    Always vacuum or sweep up any crumbs or leftovers from your snacks, otherwise it will attract insects and rodents. The worst way to get caught, is by bugs. Your parents will know something's up if you have some new pet mice.


  • Make sure the snack is not something that'll make too much noise when you eat or open it.
  • If you can keep a bottle of water in you room, that will help if you get thirsty.
  • Soda cans are okay to keep, but make sure they don't spill. Using bottles with screw-on tops (like the ones in vending machines) is recommended.
  • Keep something along the lines of a drawer, for your stash. Try stashing little bits around your room (but remember where everything is!) so that if your parents or anyone else finds out they won't find out about all of it.


  • Throw out the wrappers/bottles in the normal trash. If your parents find a lot of potato chip bags on your floor, they'll know that you're sneaking food.
  • Try not to crunch loud if you're eating in the night if you stash.
  • If your parents catch the food you probably will be in trouble.

Things You'll Need

  • Food non perishable to sneak and store in you room
  • Secret place in your room
  • Bottle of water (optional)

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