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How to Start Your New Life in a New School/Town

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Going to a new town/school can be hard, but sometimes it's the best thing that could possibly happen to you; you have a clean slate, a new chance, you can be who you like. This article will help you settle in and make yourself a new reputation.


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    Write two lists: one of things you want to keep about yourself, and one of things you don't. It might be a good idea to flick through magazines and cut out clothes, accessories, even perfume samples, which you like, then making a collage out of this and using it as inspiration for the list of things you want to change.
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    Be sociable and friendly. No matter what kind of reputation you want, it's never good to have a bad one - and that is what you will get if you are rude or nasty. It may be a good idea to have a party the first weekend; you will have a week to meet new people, and the party will help you get to know them better.
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    Hang out with people who are the kind of person you want to be. If you want to become a hippie, it's not a great idea to hang out with the punks, unless you genuinely like them; even so, people may mistake you for a punk as well.
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    Keep your room tidy and looking good. This may seem irrelevant, but your room truly affects your mood and personality, and it's best to make a good first impression on someone who is visiting for the first time-and this can be difficult if you have an extremely untidy, childish or smelly room.
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    Join a club. If you love art and want to be known as an artistic person, joining an art club would be a great idea. It's also a good way to meet people with similar interests.
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    Try to do well in school, but never show off. It will make people dislike you; no-one likes a show-off!
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    Don't throw your old self away completely. It's never a good idea to change who you are, particularly not if it's simply because you want to fit in with the crowd. Be yourself!

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  • It's a bad, bad idea to lie about who you are and where you live. Sooner or later people will find out.
  • If you're stuck for conversation, it isn't a good idea to tell an embarrassing story about yourself (or someone else for that matter, as that someone may hate you for it and people may take you for a gossip and a back-stabber).


  • Build an image you actually like, and which you will not regret later.
  • Don't try to act like, dress like and talk like the most popular person in school, everyone will just think you're a wannabe.

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