How to Start over and Have the Life You Want

We all have that time of our lives when we just realize that this is not working anymore and we should start over. Starting over is the best thing you can do when you really feel that you're not having what you want or need. The question is how to begin? Before you begin, you need to ask yourself if you are starting over with support or completely alone. And do not start over without taking an appropriate amount of time and consideration in evaluating every aspect of your life first.


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    Know that you'll resist the change even if the change is better for you. The truth is, we're all afraid of change because it's unknown; even if the current situation is not what we like but at least we're used to it and we know how to handle it. What if we couldn't deal with the change? What if it wasn't like we thought?! So, The first step is to control your fear. Change is a risk we need to take to better ourselves and our lives.
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    After that, you will need a time for yourself to relive the past and think again and again. Before letting go you must know why you're letting go. Remember the past, Think about your mistakes, learn from the experience, get rid of the bad memories and keep the good ones..Now close the past and get ready to start.
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    Know and understand your relationships. A very important step...Think about the people in your life and make sure that you could define any relationship you have. If there's any unresolved issue, think about the way to resolve it or consider whether that relationship should end. Do not keep friends who might keep you repeating the negative patterns in your old life which do not serve you well. Just keep the supportive friendships. If you are starting over on your own, resolve any issues in any of your relationships so you don't have to dread the "what ifs". It is important to be emotionally, mentally, and physically clear and ready for your journey.
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    Know exactly where you stand in life. Who are you? What are you doing right now? Is that what you really want to do? What do you prefer doing? What are your dreams, goals, and hopes? What are your talents or skills? Take your time to know who you really are and answer these questions. When life seems complicated, it can be simplified but to do this we need to start with ourselves and understand ourselves better. Be clear about who you are and where you stand. Be clear about what you really want.Then and only then, you'll see things clearly.
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    Take some time to plan. Now you understand your past and your present. It's time to visualize your future. Make a list of what you want to change and start making steps. Try to make the steps easy and time-oriented. Make your list fun. this should be something that you would enjoy doing. Add things that would make you feel happy. Now you're ready to go.
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    Now, you're ready to face the world with the new you. Go out there and make it right this time. It's a new chance in life. So, be ready for it. Trust yourself. Believe that you'll get there soon. Just wait and see.


  • Don't change for anyone but yourself because no one should make you change who you are.
  • Try to focus always and stay motivated.
  • Do not start your new life off making decisions based on others approval. As long as it's legal, go for it. Only you know what will truly make you happy and no one else.
  • Never give up.
  • Love yourself always.
  • Measure your achievements.
  • Ask your friends to support you and help you.
  • Forgive your past no matter how dark. Follow what makes you feel good and healthy!
  • No one knows you better than you know yourself.


  • Love Yourself, believe that the change is for a better good.
  • NEVER look back. Just look forward

Things You'll Need

  • Time
  • Strength
  • Personal Identification (When applicable.)
  • Will Power
  • A Goal
  • Financial resources (it helps to be able to finance your goals)

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