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Most people think you have go to the nearest airport and start passing out money to get your pilot's license, but don't do that just yet. Instead, start Ground School in your own home at the computer.

You can lay a good foundation and acquire knowledge by taking free online courses through AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association). These courses can help you complete ground school quickly and get into the air with a minimum of fuss and expense.

AOPA's web site is a little difficult to maneuver through, so just practice a while and you'll master it quickly.


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    Go to AOPA's website and click on Login then scroll down to Create an Account.
    • All pilot courses are free; however, you still need to open an account to take any of the online courses.
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    Hover over Training and Safety. Then scroll down to select On Line Learning then Online Courses.
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    Look through the pilot training courses. You can take any listed course at no cost to you.
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    Start with one of the recommended beginning classes. These provide good general knowledge and are useful even if you are not considering becoming a pilot.
    • Runway Safety
    • Weather Wise
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    Verify that your progress is being recorded as you finish courses. Just click on Air Safety Institute, then ASI Transcript.
    • If you want to take a quick test, click On Line Courses and select Quizzes.


  • This training is to further aviation safety and is free of charge.


  • Don't try to go too fast, you'll need to know this information for your own safety. Just take it slowly, course by course, and master the material in each course before proceeding.

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