How to Start an Eraser Collection

Three Parts:Sourcing the erasersTaking care of the erasersEnjoying your eraser collection

Erasers are used principally for erasing pencil marks. However, they can also be a neat collector's item as they come in many different shapes, sizes, textures and even scents. This tactile object can soon turn into a quest, as you aim to collect as many good quality erasers as you can lay your hands on!

Part 1
Sourcing the erasers

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    Find erasers. There are lots of places you can find erasers. Here are just a few of them:
    • Ask family and friends if you can have some as a small gift.
    • If you like the Japanese erasers, you can find them in school supply stores, stationery stores, large department stores, at book fairs, etc. #*If you're into Foohy erasers, you can find these online and at stores stocking stationery items.
    • Do gift swaps with your friends where you give them something they like and you get what you like in return - erasers of course!
    • Inherit a sibling's eraser collection. If they're no longer interested in collecting erasers, pick up from where they left off.
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    Choose the right erasers. When collecting erasers, don't collect random ones like bland office erasers. Japanese Iwako erasers are particularly interesting, for example. Pencil tops are great also. Erasers with interesting shapes, designs and even scents are worth investigating.
    • Decide whether you'll stick to one brand, kind, manufacturer, country of origin or collect more broadly. Don't limit yourself too much but don't collect just anything either. Consider collecting various different types and brands. There are all different types of erasers, so don't feel limited to collecting just one brand/type of eraser.
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    • Consider the following: Foohy, Crazerasers, Iwako, Gomu, Googly Erasers, Kawaii erasers, Lemon erasers, Spencil brand, etc.
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    • If you are not sure what these brands are/look like, then type the brand name into Google, Bing, or another online search engine.
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    Find Iwako Japanese erasers collector books online or in some retail stores. Call around to find store in your area that sell the real Iwako erasers.

Part 2
Taking care of the erasers

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    Keep the erasers in a divided box. A fishing tackle/bead boxes are perfect to keep them ordered and organized. Some Japanese erasers come in cute boxes. Keep them there. The rest you should put in a divided box which you can find at dollar stores or Target.
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    Do not use the erasers. They must remain in mint condition or they're no longer collectibles. Plus they won't look cute anymore. Make sure the erasers that you buy are not used; if they are, discard them from the collection and put them into your pencil case instead.

Part 3
Enjoying your eraser collection

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    Show your friends and family your collection. That way you can have something fun to do with your erasers. Do this at least once every two months.
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    Play with your erasers. If you have Japanese erasers, they are fun to take a part and put them back together again!
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    Count your collection once every six months or once a year. Always keep track of how many erasers you have.


  • Clean your divided box at least once a month so your erasers have a clean space in their box.
  • Save up for erasers. Erasers retail for about a dollar each! (not very much at all)
  • Try not to keep the erasers in a box that will be crammed if you put your erasers in there - divided boxes will save them from melting and will keep scented erasers smelling like they should.
  • Put erasers in a box with dividers (a bead box or fishing tackle box) which are found at dollar/variety stores or automobile supplies stores.
  • Ask for erasers for your birthday or other special occasions.


  • Put your erasers in an air conditioned room or in a cool spot, otherwise they may melt!

Things You'll Need

  • Erasers
  • Money
  • Boxes with dividers
  • Internet access (if you are looking to buy erasers online)

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