How to Start a Spy Ring

Have you ever wanted to be a spy? Do you want to join all those 007s? Then start a spy ring with the help of this article.


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    First you need to set up your HQ for your spy ring to meet. The floor area should be large enough to seat all your members. Also a mirror is a fantastic spying tool to have as it can help you see if someone is sneaking to your HQ whilst you're in there. Do you have a photo frame on the wall? Stick a plastic wallet behind and you have a secret place for your spy documents. Also behind your bed's headboard works just as well.
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    Get some members. Although James Bond worked alone, it'll be more fun if you have spy ring so next you need to start a spy ring. Do this be talking to a friend about someone ELSE having a spy club and if they look like they want to join, tell them that you have a spy club. To get more members, just do the same thing to other people you trust but keep the numbers between 4-6 people so you don't blow your cover.
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    You need to test whether you have the applicant is a good spy. Go to the 'Good Spy?' section for some tests to try to if they pass then go on, if not try some one else
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    Now write a out a contract for each of your members to sign. To make one, just write the members details, then write out a list of terms and conditions that they must follow and leave a line at the bottom to sign it
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    Use codes. Now say that you need to send a spy a message and you are worried that it will be read, what do you do? You write it in code, that's what you do. Look at the 'Code' section for some good codes.
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    Now you have trained your spy, get them to sign a contract and give you their fingerprint, how do you get them to prove who they are to when they want to come into your HQ? You give them an ID card that is what. You have two ways of making an ID card. The first is to use an ID card maker on the internet. The second is to do it on card. Stick a passport photo on a piece of card and write down their details and both of you sign it.

Good Spy?

  • Test that they can keep quiet. To do this, tell them a rumour and see if they spread it. If they do, they are a definite no-no.
  • Test that they are observant by trying some memory tests, for example putting 10 objects on a plate and removing them three at a time and asking them to name what you took. Another test is to get them to study the picture for one minute and then ask them five questions about it.
  • Another skill they must have is fitness. Set up an assault course for them. Also try timing them to see how many push-ups they can do in one minute.
  • They must also be able to decipher codes. Give some codes and see if they can decipher it.
  • The last skill they must have the ability to improvise. Give them a scenario and a list of materials they have and ask them to achieve a certain task using only those materials.
  • And remember - Pretend that it is a game


  • Code One:
    • Try swapping letters so for example "A" becomes "Z". Also try swapping letters for numbers so for example "A" becomes "1".
  • Code Two:
    • Write each sentence back to front and swap the first and last letters of each word around. To decode it, swap the first and last letters of each word and read it backwards.
  • Code Three:
    • Text Speak. Design your own text slang for example LOL= Laugh out loud.
  • Code Four:
    • Pig Latin is great for codes but easy to decipher if you know how to. Just add "ay" at the end of each word
  • Code Five:
    • Design your own so it is unique and harder for rival spies to decode if your message is found.
  • Code Six:
    • Use the phonetic alphabet.
      • An alpha
      • B Bravo
      • C Charlie
      • D Delta
      • E Echo
      • F Foxtrot
      • G Golf
      • H Hotel
      • I India
      • J Juliet
      • K Kilo
      • L Lima
      • M Mike
      • N November
      • O Oscar
      • P Papa
      • Q Quebec
      • R Romeo
      • S Sierra
      • T Tango
      • U Uniform
      • V Victor
      • W Whiskey
      • X X-ray
      • Y Yankee
      • Z Zulu


  • Make the contract on the computer for the professional look.
  • Design your own code.
  • Include a code/symbol for punctuation as well!
  • Make a contract for each individual.
  • Learn the phonetic alphabet.
  • Make sure you trust your friends.
  • Use abbreviations


  • Don't let anyone in to your HQ without an ID card.
  • Don't use any of the example codes. Spies always try them ones first.
  • And remember: Have fun and stay safe.
  • Get parental permission before attempting any of the activities in this article.

Things You'll Need

  • A notebook
  • Writing equipment
  • Paper and card
  • An ink pad
  • Cellotape
  • Scissors
  • Mirrors
  • Clothing disguises
  • A computer
  • A camera or a phone with a camera
  • A pair of binoculars
  • A photo frame
  • A passport photo
  • Things for your obstacle course
  • Members (Obviously)
  • Patience
  • Binoculars
  • First aid box

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