How to Start a Spy Club

Ever wanted to start a spy club? Here are the steps that will guide you to start a spy club, you should follow them to be a professional spy. What you need to do is ask people to join you're club. Also tell them they need training.


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    Gather members. You should get people who are very trustworthy, reliable, and quiet, but are stealthy, sneaky and skilled. You may want to recruit your friends, and people you know at school, or in your neighborhood. You can gather members before or after you start making the actual club, whichever you want. Just remember to be patient with any loud members. Remember to get people who will help you such as someone who knows how to use the computer well or a short person so they can fit into small spaces, people who have sharp eyes and smart.
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    • Be sure that the people who have joined tell no-one, not even their moms, and make sure they follow all the rules.
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    Give club a name: (E.G.: S.A.C., Secret Agency of Children) Make it something catchy and have it end with something cool like S.S. (Spy Squad).
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    Make positions in your club, Head Spy, Scout, Tracker, Tech master, Wheel Artist, Stealth Master and Social Engineer. Remember that you can have more than one of these positions in your club. It's good to have at least five members in your group for safety, fun and success. Other positions you might consider are:
    • The Head Spy-the Head Spy controls the whole entire club and can change anything they want, whenever they want. This person is the most powerful person in the club.
    • The Vice Spy-whenever the Head Spy is not there (maybe he/she is sick), the Vice Spy takes his/her place.
    • The Computer Spy-the computer spy finds information, maps, and other things on the Internet, and sends the information to the head spy.
    • The Conclusion Spy-The rest of the spies give all their information to the Conclusion Spy, and the Conclusion Spy tries to solve whatever case you are working on with all the information he or she has.
    • The Regular Spy-the Regular Spy does a lot of the spying. He/she must be stealthy and must blend in easily, and also must be able to befriend even the worst people you could meet.
    • The Photo Spy-the person who take the photos, videos, and recording. They gather information and give it to the conclusion spy.
    • Trainee Spy-Trainees are simply people who are being trained to spy on people. The Head and the Vice Spy usually are the ones training a trainee.
    • The Secretary-This should be someone everyone knows so they can come to them and you have a case!
    • The Wheel Artist-This member has all of the transportation: It would be cool if they had a car, but a fleet of bicycles, scooters, or skateboards will do well too!
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    • Spy Dogs-Spy Dogs are well-trained dogs that can be allies of the tracker: You can even put a tiny spy camera on their collar!
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    Make spy names for everyone: You can give names to members (make sure they like their name!) or let them make their own. If they can make their own, you can give them guidelines to follow, like if your club is called The Shadows, you could make everyone have 'shadow' in their name (Shadow Dragon, Shadow Hawk, Shadow Bomber, etc.).
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    Create ID cards, badges, or some other token to identify people as members and what rank, position, and name they have: You may want to make this something that is inconspicuous or easy to conceal, so that it is revealed only to other spies. You could all wear rings of a certain style to show your membership, with other information scratched into the ring band, or have bracelets that can easily be hidden under a sleeve.
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    Now, you should make a secret password and secret handshake for your club: To make it fun you can all make one and have a vote if someone has a better one than yours.
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    Make a clubhouse: You can use a small portion of a room, or a room altogether. It is a good idea to have multiple headquarters, like an out-of-the-way spot at school, and maybe a secret area at each spy's hive where you can all meet if you are at their hive.
    • Also, you can find a place that is a fair distance from everybody's hive so that no one has to drive there. The clubhouse is where you should make all your meetings and stick special secret papers to the wall so that everyone in the club knows what's happening around the club.
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    If you would like, you can make a booklet for your club called a Mission Log: and in the booklet you put all the missions you have done and if it was a good mission or a bad mission.
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    You could also make each member a Code Book so you can secretly communicate with one another using codes and ciphers.
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    If you want to, you can make a club uniform: It might be dark red, blue or green and you can also make a badge for the club as well so if you see someone with that badge you know they are in the club. (Uniforms can make you stand out and that is not usually desired with a spy club).


  • Always have many back-up plans in case something goes wrong.
  • Make sure that no one sees you with your club! Always split up and meet where no one can see you.
  • Don't let any non-members know about the club.
  • Make sure your spy club is a good place for all people around you.
  • Make sure everyone likes your spy leader.
  • Be aware that someone could play two parts in a spy club. For example, the head spy could be a regular spy as well as the head spy.
  • Carry some equipment like a flashlight or a camera
  • Make a vault where you could collect things like clues or enemy files.
  • Remember the Three G's: Giggling, Gossiping, and Goofing Off. You don't want people who do these things in your spy club!
  • Always have one spy gear with you like a spy watch.
  • It doesn't matter if you have two people or twenty to start a spy club.
  • Investigate anything that may pop up.
  • Have fun.
  • Have Color codes have back up club members at HQ
    • Code black: Bad.
    • Code green: Need backup NOW.
    • Code Yellow: Need help soon.
    • Code Blue: Fine.
    • Code Brown: Ambush.
  • Never let any member of the club tell any of the secret things in the club away such as the secret handshake or your password or club name.
  • Be sure to make a password or a sign with your hands to prove that the people who are trying to get in are true members of the club.
  • Make positions for new joiners. Ask if they would like to do a certain job or just whatever you want to give them.
  • Wear light and fit clothing to move and hide easily.
  • Make sure you always have an extra pair of clothes for a disguise
  • And you could also have walkie-talkies if you want, but you're going to have to buy more than 2 of them!
  • Make sure you have a iPod or an other electronic thing to copy stuff.
  • Be a kind head spy because you don't want any of your members to quit!
  • Translate English to a different language for code names/language.
  • Keep a good Eye.
  • Don't trust people you do not know.
  • Get people who you can trust in your spy club.


  • Always come to meetings and spying sessions prepared! You'll never know when you're going to be ambushed.
  • Be careful with inviting people with lots of best friends or who are popular to your spy club, as they will probably want to invite all their friends. While this will get you a ton of new members, their friends could either be valuable to your club or end up being terrible spies!
  • If a member tells a non-member, they might tell others so be very careful!!
  • Watch out for members that are suspicious and may be telling other people about the spy group!
  • Never do anything illegal, of course!
  • Don't spy or joke on the police. You may end up in a severe condition.
  • Don't wear your spy gear all over the hive because everybody will be suspicious.
  • Be careful. If you are caught and don't make an excuse, you may end up in big trouble.
  • Don't let anyone come near your club if they aren't members and don't tell them what you are doing because they might tell on you or get other people to spy on you!
  • Remember, be kind to the members. If you are rude, they may kick you out or leave the club.
  • Don't wear suspicious stuff (E.g: Backpack, ski mask)

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Gadgets e.g Watch e.t.c
  • Good friends that you can trust
  • a good club

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