How to Start a Secret Diary

Are you stressed out? Just need to let everything out of your system! Then a secret diary is perfect for you! Read on!


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    Buy a notebook that would appear as if you would use it for school. Even write school notebook, or something like that. The biggest mistake you could make when buying a diary is getting a pink frilly, lacy notebook with "DIARY" written in big bold letters on the front. Try using a school composition notebook or a spiral notebook.
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    Never tell anyone that you have a diary. Someone could easily read it to annoy you or find out almost anything that you think about you and the people around you.
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    Write in it in secret. If you're on a trip like on an airplane or on a long car ride, a train, etc. Then you can take it, but try to turn the spine of your notebook to anyone sitting beside you. Then you may write in it if you wish. But do not write in it at school. Unless you are on a trip. Only write in it when you're alone in your room.
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    Make a time to write in it.
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    When you think it is time for people to know your secrets, let them see your book. Or, you can just keep it a secret forever. But sometimes when you do, it gets you more stressed.


  • Write anything you feel like writing (crushes, school, work. You could even complain about your teachers!)
  • Decorate it inside. Get some photos you can use.
  • Be creative on where you hide it! Don't just hide it in your underwear drawer.
  • Hide it someplace that's easy to get to, but somewhere where no one would think of looking.
  • If you decide to purchase a diary (or journal) that doesn't look like a regular school notebook, then get one with a lock and key.
  • Or you could say that you've tried to keep one but failed, or kept forgetting, this happens to a lot of people and it won't look like you're pretending.
  • Act as if you don't have one. Say stuff like, "Diaries are stupid!" whenever someone asks if you have one. Don't overplay it, however, as it might seem as if you are lying.
  • It would be a good idea to write a note to your future self and what goals you'd like to achieve.
  • If you can't think of a place to put it, here are some examples: under your mattress, in your backpack, in an instrument case, or in your pillowcase.
  • Never leave it at school.
  • Hollow out a book (using an old and a boring book) and keep your diary inside but don't take it anywhere were you might forget it because then people will see the book, open it and if the diary doesn't have a lock them your secrets won't be so secret any more...


  • Never leave it lying around. You're always doing something with it. You're either hiding it, writing in it, or reading it. Always make sure you know where it is.
  • Don't forget where you put the key or combination; then it's a secret from you too!
  • Your siblings could find it, read it, and have good facts against you.
  • Don't tell anyone you have one...not even your best friend.

Things You'll Need

  • A notebook
  • A pen or pencil
  • A hiding place

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