How to Start a Paramilitary Organization

Many people wish they could have their own little military. With the right funds and training, anyone can!


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    Find a training area. All paramilitary groups need a place to train their troops. It could be your backyard or a giant 100 acre field, as long as you own it. A good training area is secluded, spacious, and flat.
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    Recruit some officers. You need officers to help train and command your troops. However, they must be just as skilled as enlisted ranks. Your officers should have good leadership ability, as your enlisted usually seek them out for advice. They can help with the next few steps.
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    Create a rank system. You need to have a rank system so that troops can easily identify each other. Make sure to create insignia for them. You can use existing (e.g. private, sergeant, major, general) or make your own.
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    Create a uniform. Unless you want your group to be a mismatched group of misfits, you need to create a good looking uniform. A good uniform blends, looks sharp and neat, and has areas for certain badges and medals. Your may also want a utility uniform for maneuvers and "combat." Make sure that it is dark and has plenty of storage for gear.
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    Create facilities. Now that you have the organization almost down, you need to have some basic facilities. You don't have to spend a fortune. It can be tape outlining a training ground. It might be nice to have an office for high ranks though. If you want to go all out, create a defensible compound with a fence and drill yard.
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    Get some troops. Can't have a paramilitary group without troops. You can start by recruiting your friends, then move on to fliers. A good number of troops would be 15-35, enough to garrison your facilities and still have a field operation force.
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    Get weapons (EXTREMELY optional). It is best recommended not to support ordering (legal) weapons in bulk for your troops, but if you want to go all out and look like a real military, make sure that your weapons are legal. Obtaining licenses for handguns or shotguns is recommended if you really want to arm your troops. For ceremonial purposes, maybe buy some legal, bolt-action rifles and teach your troops to drill with them.
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    Train your troops. Having a full faculty is pointless without training. Have your officers drill the troops every day they are there. Have an appointed time for them to come for training. Make sure you train your force to be proficient with their firearms, perform drills and marches, be able to operate in wilderness environments, and be secretive. Martial Arts is a nice training skill, as it helps with discipline and strength.
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    Have demonstrations. Now that you have, more or less, a functioning paramilitary group, send out fliers saying that you will be having a public demonstration of your group. This is where your drill and crisp uniforms come in handy. Make sure to make it clear that you are not trying to take over the world, but protect your community or area.


  • When training your troops, its nice to have somebody ex-military on hand that knows what they are doing.
  • Make sure that everybody in your group signs a legal release waiver in case of injury.
  • Keep your facilities in a secluded area that YOU own.
  • If you MUST buy weapons, keep it simple. Revolver type handguns won't jam, and many pawn shops have different calibers of firearms in stock. A good recommendation would be surplus WWII Mosin-Nagants, they are bolt action and usually sell for about $100.


  • Paramilitary groups are illegal in many states.
  • Do not terrorize people with your group, this will normally get you shot.
  • Check your local laws about weapons and facilities.
  • Do not get anybody hurt, this may cost you BIG money.

Things You'll Need

  • Recruits
  • Facilities
  • Uniforms
  • LEGAL Weapons

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