How to Start a Football (Soccer) Chant

If you've ever been to a football match, you will undoubtedly have heard a whole stadium (or large set of fans) singing their hearts out. This will help you start one.


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    If you are able to, sit in an area where the more vocal support sit (ie. The Kop at Anfield) as this is where your chants are most likely to be picked up and sung by the whole stadium.
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    If it's your first time or you're not sitting with the more vocal support. then try to start with some of the classics that most teams sing (ie. Who are ya? or You're not singing anymore) as these are quite likely to be sung anywhere.
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    If you can attend with a group of friends and agree beforehand what you would like to sing. This will help as if more people sing it, the more likely people are to join in.
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    If you're playing a team that everyone has common knowledge of, hate a particular song, try to sing it to wind them up and start your team's supporters singing along for a laugh. (ie. Rule Britannia against Celtic or You'll never get a job against Liverpool)
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    The best bet for an area with less vocal support is to start the call and response chants (if your club has them) as these are almost always followed up. (ie. Red Army or we're the North Bank, Highbury)
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    Sometimes you may decide that you want to try to create a whole new chant! If you want to do this successfully, contact your club's supporters club and suggest your idea to them, if feedback comes back positive then make sure you attend the next game with some of your friends and sit in the vocal area and then sing it. You may have to sing it over and over again before it is picked up but if it is sung by the supporters and done so the next match, you could have sung and chanted yourself into your club's folklore!


  • If you're not getting much response, don't give up and keep trying as it does eventually get picked up if it's a common club chant.


  • Do not start any racist chants as these are not looked kindly on by the stewards or the police. You may be thrown out or arrested.
  • Profanity in chants is generally acceptable, but if you're in an area with lots of children then try to refrain from singing any chants with swearing in them (unless it happens regularly and nothing happens) as the stewards may throw you out.
  • Be wary if what you're singing may be deemed as "politically incorrect" chants if your club has a crowd report system as there may be someone nearby who takes offence to one of your chants and contacts a steward to deal with you.

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