How to Start a Family Newsletter

Are you interested in starting a family newsletter? Whether your goal is to update family members on news, create an outlet for creativity, or mostly anything else, then read on to find out more.

If you're making a family newsletter, make sure you get your readers involved. Hold contests! Take interviews! Give people opportunities to write some articles! Anything to get them involved.


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    Decide on the frequency your newsletter will be published. Depending on the amount of time you are able to spare, you should decide within the range of once every two months to once a week.
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    Find a program that you can use to type your newsletter. Microsoft Word is a common choice, because they have some templates you can use, clip art to enhance the newsletter's appearance, and numerous other advantages. However, if you find something else that works (Corel WordPerfect, LibreOffice Writer or Serif PagePlus), good for you!
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    Think of how long you want your newsletter to be. Two to five pages would be sufficient.
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    Let your audience know about this new project. An audience could be grandparents, parents, siblings, relatives, and other family members.
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    Create a separate email address for your newsletter if desired. You may also make a website (not from scratch, but more of something like Google sites, don't spend money on this part).
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    Make a title for your newsletter. If your last name is Smith, for example, you could call it "The Smith Family Newsletter" or "The Family Times".
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    Ask relatives to send in news, stories, jokes, and mostly anything else. When they send it to your newsletter's email address (if you made one), then copy/paste the submission into where you'll type the newsletter.
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    You can ask for photos or drawings, or just use clip art. Either way, it's a good idea to use bright colors and/or pictures so your family newsletter doesn't have a dull look.
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    Assign jobs (optional). This means that let's say you have a sister named Kate and a cousin named John, then you could tell Kate to write about school, and John to write all about guitars. Then, they send in their jobs to you, and you put them in the newsletter.
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    If you don't have any relatives who live near you, then don't print the newsletter. You may print it for yourself, but it's an ideal choice to post the newsletter on your site (if you make one) when it comes out. Otherwise, email an attachment to everyone who will receive the newsletter.
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    And that's it! You're done! Feel free to make any adjustments that are better for you, whatever works. Have fun making your family newsletter! Remember, the point is not to boss everyone around and make their jobs required. Take it easy, because if you make it fun, everyone will contribute!

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