How to Start a Cottage Garden

Cottage gardens are a classic style in British garden design. The busy mixture of sweet scented flowers and quaint features creates a homely atmosphere that cannot be beaten. This article outlines some starter tips to begin creating your own cottage garden.


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    Create a relaxed and informal set up. The beds of a cottage garden should always be informal and relaxed. A cottage garden breaks the rules, with plants being placed close together and seemingly at random. In reality, however, it takes time and care to design a garden that appears entirely natural.
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    Focus on the addition of scented plants. The garden should be full of heady aromas. Use the likes of rosemary, lavender, and honeysuckle, which provide great scent and colour. They can also be cut and placed indoors to perfume the house as owners of cottage gardens have done for centuries.
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    Make the garden cozy. A cottage garden should always feel warm and cozy, perhaps even a little claustrophobic. Use height such as arches, hedges, trellises, and pergolas to turn the garden into your own enclosed haven. Cover timber awnings and other house features with trailing plants, such as honeysuckle.
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    Include roses. No cottage garden is complete without roses, in both shrub and bush form, and even climbing, perhaps creating a dramatic arch for your entrance.


  • You can create an effective cottage garden in any space, from a modern home, to a terrace house or small patio. Do not feel restricted by your home's style.

Things You'll Need

  • garden space
  • scented plants
  • plants of choice
  • arches, hedges, trellises and pergolas as desired
  • roses

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  • VideoJug A video introduction to cottage gardens. Original source of article. Shared with permission and appreciation.

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