How to Start a Church Nursery

Six Methods:Form a Nursery CommitteeFind a Location for the NurseryDecorate the NurseryFurnish the NurseryFind Nursery WorkersParent Disclaimers and Insurance

A church nursery is a place in the church where babies are cared for during a church service or special event. If you are ready to start a church nursery, there are several things you will want to consider. With a little planning, a church nursery could be a good addition to your church.

Method 1
Form a Nursery Committee

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    Start a committee of people interested in beginning a new church nursery. Limit the maximum number of people for the committee to 8. Assign a committee chairperson.
    • This committee will be responsible for making the decisions about the nursery and then presenting to the church council. The committee will need to present a budget for the nursery. The committee will also need to look into any building codes that may need to be followed.

Method 2
Find a Location for the Nursery

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    Locate a place to put the nursery. You may want to convert an existing room into a nursery, or your church may choose to build a new addition to the church just for the nursery.
    • You will want the nursery located as close to the sanctuary as possible. This is convenient for parents who are bringing their children to the nursery. Be sure to check that the noise from the nursery will not hinder the church service.
    • It is a good idea to have an adjoining restroom to the nursery. This is for the caretakers to have access to a restroom without having to leave the babies. It is also good for children who are toilet training.
    • Access to a sink is also important for a nursery. The sink should be located in the same room.

Method 3
Decorate the Nursery

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    Paint the nursery with paint that is safe for children. You may want to choose paint colors that coordinate with your room accessories, or you could choose a paint color first, and then pick your accessories to compliment the wall color. Try a color such as blue that helps calm children. Search the internet for how colors affect children.
    • Wall murals are popular in church nurseries. Consider hiring someone to paint a mural on the wall that coordinates with the room's theme.
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    Cover the floor with carpeting. You will want a floor covering that is easy to clean. You could also include a rug that matches your colors or your theme.
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    Decorate the walls with colorful pictures and baby decorations. You want this room to be inviting and pleasing to parents. You may even want to pick a decorating theme, such as Noah's Ark.

Method 4
Furnish the Nursery

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    Purchase furniture for the baby nursery. You will need to buy enough baby beds to accommodate the babies for the size of your church. You will want to purchase a changing table for changing diapers. You will need rocking chairs for the nursery workers to have a place to sit. A children's table and chairs works well for feeding and playing. High chairs may also come in handy for feedings.
    • Include some type of storage unit for diaper bags in your baby nursery. You may want to purchase a cubby unit with shelves. Some nurseries have peg hangers attached to the wall for hanging diaper bags.
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    Buy toys and play things for the nursery. Mobiles and baby play stations are good accessories to purchase for a church nursery. A baby swing with music could also be purchased.
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    Stock necessary items in the nursery. You will want to have a good supply of diapers and wipes. Consider purchasing antibacterial soaps and paper towels. You should purchase a first aid kit.
    • You will want to purchase a special cabinet for storing any supplies.
    • Monitor the supplies in your cabinet and be sure to restock as needed.

Method 5
Find Nursery Workers

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    Ask for volunteers to work in the nursery. Most churches have people who are willing to take turns working in the nursery.
    • Set up a nursery schedule for the volunteers. Post the schedule so that nursery workers know when they are responsible for working.
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    Hire nursery workers. Some churches have a budget that includes enough funds for hiring nursery workers.

Method 6
Parent Disclaimers and Insurance

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    Research to learn if there are parent disclaimers that will be necessary for the operation of the nursery. You may wish to have parents sign permission forms before allowing their children to stay in the nursery.
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    Check to see if your church will need special insurance to cover the operation of a nursery. Your church insurance agent should be able to answer any questions you may have about nursery insurance.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint
  • Floor covering
  • Decorations
  • Furniture
  • Toys
  • Supplies
  • Nursery workers

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