How to Start a Cheernastics Squad

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This is an article about how to start your own Cheernastics squad for fun. Cheernastics stands for cheerleading and gymnastics. You do tumbling, gymnastics, and cheerleading all at the same time. In normal cheerleading, you do basic tumbling such as cartwheels, round offs, and back handsprings. In cheernastics, you do tougher tumbling moves like tucks, aerials, handsprings, and more! So here it goes.


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    Get some people you know who wanna do cheerleading with you. Make sure most of you have experience in cheerleading and/or gymnastics. If none of you do, teach yourself some basics and enroll in a gymnastics class. Gymnastics is a must. You all must be able to do a cartwheel, round off, handstand, and split before you even start doing cheernastics. Cheerleading is the easy part, no need for spotters to do some jumps, kicks, and arm motions. For gymnastics, it gets tougher with tumbling, stunts, and extreme moves. So, if you want to do cheernastics, gymnastics is a must unless you are on a school or all star cheerleading squad. On school squads, you won't learn much tumbling, but they may teach you back handsprings, handstands, cartwheels, and round offs. You can teach yourself back bends, walkovers, and the Valdez. Save the tucks, aerials, and flips for gymnastics class.
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    Get an outfit that suits your squad and some pom-poms and megaphones from the dollar store. You can use your own pom-poms and megaphones if you have any. Your outfit should be dance shorts, a tank top or top with your squad logo, cheer shoes or white tennis shoes, and a hair bow.
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    Choose team colors. Choose cute and cool color combinations that are cute and awesome together. They need to go well together and everybody on your Cheernastics squad should have those colors. These will be the colors of your outfit. For example, if your squad colors are purple and white, wear white dance shorts and a purple and white striped shirt. Your hair bow should also be that color. Or, do your school colors in case you want to try out for your school squad after this.
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    Make a team name and logo. Your name should be something that is fun, original, and short. It can be something like "Tumbling Trio", "Dancing Divas", or anything you like. Your logo should have and abbreviation of your squad name. If your name is Fly Gals, your logo can be a flyer and say FG. You can do whatever you want as long as it is cheer related. Don't go by your school team name, as this is a little corny.
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    Learn some cheers, and practice them. Go on YouTube and learn a few by heart. Or, make your own cheers. Remember to add a chant to them. You should also learn a few dances. Practice them together everyday until you have them down pat. Improve your cheers by keeping stiff motions. Improve your chants with a loud and clear voice. Improve your dance by flowing with the music and letting go. You should really focus on jazz, hip hop, and modern dancing. You can find free videos on Activity TV and YouTube. You can also learn some cheerleading motions and routines.
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    Learn basic motions, jumps, kicks, and tumbling. Motions include: bow and arrow, daggers, punch, hands on hips, L, K, T, broken T, touchdown, low touchdown, high and low V, diagonals, buckets, and candlesticks. Jumps include: toe touch, herkie, hurdler, pike, spread eagle, tuck, T, around the world, abstract, and many others. Kicks include: front, 45 degree, and side. Cheerleading tumbling includes: back handspring, front tuck, back tuck, aerial, cartwheel, round off, handstand, front handspring, back bend, rolls, walkover, among others.
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    Practice everyday together. You all need to be in an oversplit, be good at gymnastics, have wonderful endurance, and be strong. So, you need to stretch 4 times a day, take a gymnastics class once a week, run 3 days a week, and do strength training 3 days a week. If none of you take gymnastics, you will have to look up ways to train for tumbling moves, but never attempt them without a coach and/or spotter. Practice gymnastics everyday.
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    Get a person to judge who is better, and have a competition with another group of girls. If you win make your team something cool or go do something fun together. Example gifts include shirts with your team name, emergency cheer kit, a makeup kit, and stuffed animals of your mascot. Things to do together can be a movie, lunch, sleepover, or hanging out in the park.

Method 1
Cheerleading Squad

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    If you feel that you are good enough, you might want to try out for a cheerleading squad. First, tryout for your school squad. Since you do gymnastics, you are flexible, you can do the jumps and kicks, and you are in shape, you might be able to become a flyer! So, keep up your work if you want this to turn into a real cheerleading career.
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    If you want to, you can try out for All Star Cheerleading. These girls do lots of tumbling, dancing, and cheering, and it takes up tons of time. If you don't make the school squad, tryout for this because you will always make it and be on a team with girls of your skill ability. Plus, you compete in competitions.
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    Begin training daily. You need to stretch four times a day, strength train three days a week, do aerobics three days a week, and do cheer drills every day. You need to get a good and strong toe touch, herkie, pike, and tuck jump. Keep your toes pointed and your back straight. Do straddle leg lifts, squats, squat jumps, and anything that strengthens your legs and helps you jump higher. Also do core exercises like crunches and sit ups to strengthen your core for better jumps and tumbling.

Method 2
Gymnastics Team

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    If you are more on the gymnastics side of Cheernastics, you may want to join a gymnastics team. You will learn more gymnastics moves, become more flexible, get better jumps, and get in the best shape of your life. Before doing Cheernastics, you should have been in gymnastics or at least had somebody in your squad doing gymnastics and teaching you the moves. So, you should know some basics. If the other girls in your gymnastic class are better than you because they can do handsprings and tucks, don't fret. As long as you taught yourself a handstand, cartwheel, round off, Valdez, walkover, and practiced tucks in the pool and on the trampoline and/or done drills that help you get stronger in those areas, you should be fine. If some girls make fun of you, shrug them off and say this is your first time in a class. This will shut them up because of how good you are with no help.
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    Be prepared for the time. Gymnastics requires tons of strength to jump that high, lift your body up on thin bars, and flip around like that along with flexibility. You need to be in a split, oversplit, and a bridge without any trouble whatsoever. Gymnastics is a great alternative if you don't make the cheer squad because it teaches you similar jumps, flexibility, tumbling, and stunts. You will just have to teach yourself motions, which are easy.

Method 3
Cheernastics by Yourself

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    If you have no girls in your neighborhood who want to do cheernastics, don't worry. You can do it yourself. Cheernastics is best done in the summer and before school cheerleading tryouts. Complete all of the steps above, but by yourself. You can teach yourself jumps, stunts, kicks, motions, and some tumbling.
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    Sign up for those classes! Since you are by yourself, beg your parents to sign you up for a summer gymnastics class. If they won't give in, see if you can do a summer cheerleading or gymnastics camp. In these camps, you will learn tumbling, jumps, moves, and flexibility that you will need to become a cheernastics star. If they won't even sign you up for that, search the internet. There has to be online videos to help you learn basic tumbling and cheer skills. Never give up.
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    Practice! Even though it won't be as fun by yourself, you get to do what is right for you, it will fit your schedule, and you can do what you like. So, begin your practice by jogging around your backyard. Then, do the exercises recommended to build leg and core strength along with pushups. Do some weight work if you can with bicep curls, tricep extensions, and flies. Throw a few jumps and practice a cheer. Then, stretch out your whole body, head to toe. Now, you are done! Do everyday along with the aerobics, strength, and stretching.
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    Do your own stage name! Since you don't have a team, you have yourself. So, you can choose a stage name or use your nickname. If your name is Emma, go by your first and middle name or by Emmy. Jazz up your current name. Or, you can do your school's team name, especially if you will be trying out for a school sport. Same thing with the logo, you can do your school's or your own original thing.
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    Show off. Perform in front of your parents, siblings, or the video camera!


  • Have fun and remember SAFETY first, and have fun.


  • Be careful people can hurt themselves so just be really careful. SAFETY FIRST!

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