How to Start a Brotherhood

Are you and your friends thinking about starting a brotherhood? This how-to will help along the way.


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    First off you need someone to start a brotherhood with. Find people who have the same interests and values as you. Preferably someone you get along with really well.
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    Find the values and ethics of the brotherhood. Sit down with the soon-to-be members and discuss what you want the brotherhood to focus on. i.e. sports, knowledge, or just fun. Hear everyone out.
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    Find a leader. If the brotherhood needs a leader you need to discuss who. What defines a leader? and Why will this particular person make a good leader? These are things you need to think about.
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    You will need an emblem. Have everyone get together and talk about what they want the emblem to portray. Again, let everyone be heard. Let the members go home to design a suggestion. Then vote for the suggestions. Best one wins!
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    Start planning. Find out when you are going to meet. Is it daily, weekly, monthly? What are you going to do on the meetings? Having a plan really helps the brotherhood to get together rather than fall apart.
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    Keep in touch. If someone is away on vacation and the brotherhood is split up for a while, keep in touch. Contact each other over phone, Email and Skype.


  • A real Brotherhood, one that is based on doing good deeds, performing random acts of kindness just because they want to does not need a leader. A Brotherhood consisting of members all with an equal share of power to vote on what charity they are going to support, what good deeds they are going to perform works out better than a Brotherhood where members struggle to take the top spot. A Brotherhood that involves all it's members in each process tends to last longer and has no reason to fight over who is in charge. A Brotherhood where all the members are equally important usually lasts longer and performs more good deeds for a more peaceful world.


  • If there are none suitable to lead leave that spot open.

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