How to Start a Book Collection

Whether you're just getting back into reading or you want to vary what you read, a book collection can be the way to go about it. You just need to know where to look. A book collection isn't just about buying as many books as you can afford, it's about searching for the right author, genre and a generally interesting read.


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    Get a bookcase or bookshelf. When your collection starts growing, you won't be able to keep all of your books in a neat pile by your bed anymore. Eventually, you'll need to put them on a shelf. If you already have one, you have already finished this step. You can get a small, cheap bookcase to start off with. When you run out of space, you can always get another one or some more shelves. A good shop to look in would be IKEA although nearly every shop sells bookcases. Have a look around. If all else fails, you can always make one.
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    Decide what books you want to collect. Before you go spending all of your money, you need to know what books you're looking for exactly. There are many different types of books and although a diverse library is recommended, many collectors focus on just one or two genres. If you're a kid or teenager, you might be into horror books, romance books or maybe just comedy books. If you're a lot older, you might be into more classic books. Never let the stereotypes stop you from reading what you want though; kids can read classic books too!
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    Research some books from that genre. Now that you know what genre you're into, you need to find some books. A good way to do this is to Google search "Good [genre] books", "Top 10 [genre] books" or even just "[genre] books". Google should bring up a whole list of them. The only downside to this is that you're completely relying on what other people are saying about the book. If you've already read some books from the genre that you want to collect, research some more of that author's work.
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    Make a list. You should be starting to get an idea of the type of books that you might like. In order to prevent forgetting them, write them down in a list or table. There should be four headings on your table. The first one should read "title". The second one should read "Author". The third one should read "price" and the fourth one should read "shop". Make the title box the biggest and the price box the smallest. This is because some books have crazy long titles but the price is always going to be quite short. You don't have to have hundreds of books on your list yet, libraries grow with time. Even if you only have five books, it's still a good start. Write the author and title in first.
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    Shop around. If you go straight to your local bookstore and buy everything, you might be spending a lot more that you needed to. Many shops have websites so if you don't want to waste time going from shop to shop, check there first. Another great place to check is on websites such as Amazon. They usually have books cheaper than any other book shop. Beware of delivery prices on Amazon though. It's usually free but sometimes it can cost more that the book itself. When you've found the book you want at the cheapest price, fill in the last two boxes on your table. Don't forget to fill in the shop, you might accidentally buy it somewhere more expensive!
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    Buy the books. Now that you know everything that you need to, buy or order the books. Be sure to bring some extra money to the shop when you go, you never know what you'll find. While you're at the shop, why not ask the shopkeeper from some recommendations on other books in that genre. When you've got some, fill them into your table and start from step 3 again. Resist the temptation to buy it there and then unless it's cheap and you have the money for it.
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    Stay up to date. Subscribe to a book shop or library website, talk to friends or just go to book shops a lot to stay up to date on the new releases. This way, you can expand your book collection much quicker. If you've found that a book shop near you always sells books the cheapest, the list isn't really necessary anymore. However, if you think that it helped you, go ahead with it. A good way to stay up to date on new releases is to check in your books. If it's part of a series, it might say (usually near the very front or back of the book) "look out for the next book coming out in....". Overall, have fun with it!


  • Don't be embarrassed to talk about books to people.
  • Never let anyone call you a nerd, especially if reading is what you like doing.
  • If you've got an old book that you don't want, sell it or trade with a friend to get a book that you do want.
  • In step 3, replace [genre] with the genre that you want to collect.

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