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Having a best friends club is great fun, but starting it requires girls and boys who are well-organized and always looking to make new friends, it'll do you no harm to have a look through this article and pick up a few ideas to get you started.


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    Get a notebook. A list of the following things to put in it are:
    • Your club name, of course! Think of a fun name for your club. You probably want to think of something that is fun, creative, and personal. You could come up with a name using the first letter of each member's name, or you could each come up with a word and put the words together to form a name.
    • The friends you would like to have in your club - not ones that can join for sure, just ones that you wouldn't mind joining your club.
    • General information about your club, including things such as meeting times, plans, and policies.
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    Write out other important things in your notebook, such as passwords or other things that you don't want to forget.
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    Ask all the friends on your list if they will be able to join your club or if they want to. Also ask them if they will be able to attend meetings and parties.
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    Make up a pledge, ask , if you want. Don't make too many rules, so that your friends do not come to think of it like school!
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    Make a special hangout. This can be a tree house, clubhouse or even your bedroom!
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    Make logos that will describe your club, for example: a lion, a tiger, or even a crown or butterfly(for girly girls)! This is the fun, crafty bit! Make/design/paint some posters for your bedroom door. Or if you want new members, and if you`re allowed, give out some fliers in school or advertise your club by stapling the posters to trees or bulletin boards around your community. You can also make a box that you can place the rules, agreements, photos so absolutely anything and you can alternate it between the leader and her assistant if you have an assistant leader.
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    Make ID cards for your friends, or let them make their own. These can include a photo of themselves, full name and other simple things. ID cards are used to enter somewhere, for instance, of you want to enter a hideout, you would need an id to let the owner know it's you not someone in disguise. It is bad if you lose an id because you will not be able to enter the club. If you don't want to make ID cards you can make a piece of paper and when one member (or more) does something wrong put an x and kick him/her out of the club without any fighting.
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    If you want to make things cooler, make up secret languages, handshakes, passwords and stuff.
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    Know that you can trust your friends. You don't want to tell them secrets and let them give them away to everyone.
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    Make up your own cool games if you want or play some existing ones like truth or dare.
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    You may not want to become a sleepover club but sleepovers are a great way to hang out.
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    give each member special notebooks and pens.
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    Always make sure it's either a girl's club or a boy's club, you never want to be caught doing something humiliating in front of your secret crush!
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    Get people to make sure they will help you tidy up and go halves on buying things for the club.


  • Be nice, or people won't want to join.
  • Be a good friend and don't fight.
  • What's the main thing you do in the club? Think to yourself. Is it all about animals, or everything or just a fun thing that girls can have fun and hang out?
  • Make your secret lair/clubhouse cool. Have posters on walls and a bit of furniture and magazines and stuff. Just don't overdo it.
  • Always treat your friends nice and always share with them when they don't have.
  • Try making a list of your members' qualifications.
  • Make a club diary. Read some articles about making a diary.
  • If you have a tree house and don't want bugs in there when you are hanging out buy some bug spray.
  • You can also create a private website for your club.
  • Sometimes even mixed groups (boys & girls) may be more fun.
  • Remember to never tempt people outside the club or tell them that you are doing something secretive.
  • If you can't trust a boy/girl and don't feel comfortable adding them to your club maybe it would be better not to.
  • Don't boss your members just because you're a leader, be friendly.
  • Just make it a fun place.


  • Don't kick a member out for something without having talked about it first. Let the members apologize. Don't be a too harsh judge. Accept other members' judgement.
  • Even if you're the head of the club, don't be too bossy - friends won't enjoy it then.
  • Invitations should be exclusive and hard(but not impossible)-to-get
  • If your hideout is a tree house, don't put posters on the outside of it in case of rain.
  • Be careful of fights.
  • Be careful when you tell a secret, boys could find out.
  • Don't make it really exclusive, and don't be mean to people just because they're not in your club.
  • Do not put wanna-be members through rough tests. Your club will get a bad reputation.
  • Do not get carried away by your club and start making fun of people outside it.

Things You'll Need

  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Markers
  • Computer
  • Some Friends
  • A secret clubhouse no one knows about
  • A secret handshake
  • A rule book
  • ID cards
  • A pledge
  • Snacks and smoothies
  • (don't forget to have a secret document on your computer for club files and of course your club diary.)

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