How to Stage Dive

First of all let me say, this is really as easy as it sounds. You find a stage, and throw yourself off it. The quintessential Rock'n'Roll symbol, the leap of faith: some are caught, others hit the ground face first.

Although not as extreme as parachuting, it can be quite the exhilarating experience in combination with loud music, and lots of people watching you on the stage before the jump.


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    Find a stage. Preferably a fairly tall one. Ideally a stage dive should allow you to actually dive, or at least perform a horizontal leap into the arms of awaiting audience in front of the stage.
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    If the stage is too low for an attempted stage dive to result in you landing on top of people, it will not be considered a stage dive. This will be considered running into people.
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    Find out if there is a pit in front of the stage before attempting to scale it. Not only may a pit, which is very wide, put your athletic ability to the test, it may also be inhabited by various types of security personnel or stage workers etc. who will try to stop you from entering the stage. (This does not only apply to audience, but performers as well. A known example being Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, who was punched in the face while trying to get back up after a successful stage dive.)
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    Get up on the stage. If it is too tall for you to climb on your own, make someone next to you give you a hand. If no one is willing to lend a hand, you can often simply use them as a climbing frame, using belts/pants waist lines as stirrups.
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    Once on stage, all that remains is to simply jump off it again. This is usually done either head first or feet first. However the actual act of diving, or rather the technique involved, should not be confused with how you dive into water. When diving into water you would normally angle the body so as to avoid making a belly splash. When stage diving you want as many hands as possible to be able to catch you, necessitating a larger surface area, making the technique more alike to skydiving.


  • Make sure there's enough people to catch you.
  • Be aware, however, that this type of behavior is better suited for a rock concert rather than, for instance, the opera.
  • When you are on the stage you don't have to jump right away. Lots of variations on this theme, the most popular being: air guitar, do some funky dance moves, bang your head, or, if you are truly in the zone, grab the mic and sing a few lines! (Preferably from the song being played.)
  • If there's enough people to catch you, be sure they don't move out of the way the moment you jump.
  • Be sure to wear the right clothes for the dive. At a truly wild concert, it may look cool to wear studded bracelets/elaborate piercings, but doing so is dangerous to the other crowd members, especially when stage-diving. Tie up your hair and make sure any loose items or bags are somewhere safe before diving.


  • Don't jump feet first if you're wearing heavy footwear, such as old fashioned army boots or any kind of high heels
  • Don't bump into the band. Intentionally or otherwise. Unless you're at a punk rock concert that is.
  • NEVER jump into a mosh pit! This is bad moshing etiquette, and you will most likely be injured or injure someone else. If there IS moshing going on, be sure to dive far enough away from the pit to be safe.
  • Be careful around long hair if you're wearing a jacket or bracelets with studs/spikes etc. Failure to observe this warning might lead to painful results and/or premature baldness.
  • There is a chance you may be dropped, pushed, shoved, or kicked. To avoid this, watch the crowd before you jump. If the crowd is distracted in some way, get their attention by waving your arms and motioning for them to clear.

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