How to Spy With a Friend

Do you think that you and your friend are ready to spy on those mean big sisters or that annoying neighbor? Well check over here.


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    Have the proper equipment. You both should have a shoulder bag containing a mirror, sunglasses, some makeup (optional) and anything else you might need like walkie talkies or binoculars. If you are not going to be doing much running, hiding, sneaking or anything, you can wear a purse or backpack. Share any gadgets if the other person doesn't have one.
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    Get some good disguises. For disguises, there are 2 ways. You can do it the "Blend in to Stand Out" (B.I.S.O.) way or the "Just an average guy" (J.A.A.G.) way. If you choose B.I.S.O., dress up in a way so people think "Hey, a clown/ ballerina etc.!" and not "Hmmm... isn't that Bob?". DON'T dress up as a celebrity, as it WILL be unbelievable. If you chose J.A.A.G., dress like everybody else. If it is a beach, wear a T-shirt and board shorts or swimwear. If you are going to school, wear a uniform or something else.
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    Make sure both of you have either a bike, a scooter, or a skateboard. Make sure it is in good condition.
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    If you want, you can make a "Spy pal". Get a stuffed animal and dress it so it is wearing black or have a friend to watch your back.
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    Go on a mission!


  • ALWAYS hide if you are going to be discussing secret things!


  • People might be angry at you for spying on them.
  • NEVER spy on people you don't know, because they might hurt you, kidnap you or even stalk you!
  • Make sure you ask whoever is in charge of you before you go spying.

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