wikiHow to Spy on Family Members in Your House

Are your parents doing something sneaky? Can't you wait until your birthday comes to see your presents? If you've wanted to spy on your parents this is the article for you!!


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    Be prepared. Spies always plan in advance. Get familiar with every room in the house, and make maps of where everything is. This will help you if your family member does something out of the ordinary, and it will also help you in the long run for further missions.
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    Run practice missions. When no one's in the house, or in the room you're going to spy in, practice. Does the person you're spying on have good hearing or seeing? Can they see you from certain angles in your hiding place? All of these questions have to be answered if you want a successful mission. Make sure you answer "yes" to all of these questions before you do something stupid and get yourself caught.
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    Have your spy skills up to date. Make sure you have some type of spy gear, like hidden cameras or an erasable tape recorder. Also, before you do something big, sneak up on your "victim" a few times. Let's say your mother calls you to lunch. Take a path behind where she is and sneak up on her and say, "I'm right here." If you can do that, you can do anything. Also, make sure you:
    • Are you quiet when you walk/crawl. Think about wearing socks for quieter footsteps.
    • Are you able to breath silently through your nose
    • Are you able to see well in the dark
    • Have at least 2 backup plans
    • Can you move very fast quietly
    • Wear clothing that will help you blend in to your hiding spot


  • It is good to have backup plans if you get caught.
  • If you get caught doing something bad, or just planning a mission, it's good to have an excuse.
  • Make sure to put any devices on you on silent.
  • If you have a partner make sure you don't fight while in a mission
  • Spy in the early morning or late at night.
  • If you have a partner, make sure you have a walkie talkie or other form of communication.
  • Make sure younger brothers or sister are not with you.


  • If you get caught make sure you have an excuse that will work or something your victim will believe.
  • Don't spy on random people if this is your first time spying.
  • If you are spying on people for the government (like the president) and you get caught, you are considered to have committed a felony.

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