How to Spruce up Your Home

Follow these tips if you can and in no time you will have a beautiful abode that will be an inviting place for one and all.


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    Paint the walls. Giving your walls a new splash of color completely changes the appearance of your home. Walls look the best when they are painted in neutral shades like beige, off white, peach, light blue etc. These colors are not only pleasant to the eyes but they also are most suited to whatever color furniture or accessories you might have in the room. One new trend is painting one of the walls of the room a bright color and arranging some showpiece or painting on that wall.
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    Change the upholstery. By changing the cushion covers and the general upholstery of the room, the whole area gets a totally new look. You can mix and match with different colors, patterns, textures to do up your furniture covers as well as curtains. Take care to see that you have a common theme running between all your upholstery so that the colors do not clash or hurt the eye. Curtains have a variety of new forms in which they can be stitched and displayed. The room gets a very rich look if the fabric that you use is rich and comfortable. Make sure that you do not bother about the cost so much as this can be considered a one time investment. Good furnishing is a must for a well decorated room.
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    Bring plants in. Any room that has plants in it instantly livens up the atmosphere of that place. Plants are not only soothing to the eye but they also have great value in terms of improving the air in the room. Its not important that you have big or small plants. These days we even have miniature forests in large bowls where a group of three of four bonsai plants are grown replete with stones and soil. These arrangements can be found in the local nursery for as low as three or four hundred bucks. Plant flowers near the windowsill to improve the beauty of the windowsills.
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    Spread hurries around. Nowadays Indian dhurries are in fashion not only in India but also all over the world. These rugs in bright Indian colors energize and change the look of the floor completely. Make sure that the rugs are laid in places where they are instant noticeable. As opposed to expensive carpeting ,rugs are a great way to break the monotony of the floors. The brighter they are, the better they look. They are available in a variety of shapes like square, oblong and so on.
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    Frame them. Paintings on the wall as well as pictures instantly add elegance quotient to your room. You can frame landscapes, oil paintings, pictures or anything that you want to display. A good light fixture behind the painting gives a very good focus on the painting and improves the look. You can choose frames in wood with exotic colors and designs on them. The frame is a very important tool for adding to the beauty of the painting.
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    Arrange a special corner. Have a special corner in the room that has a collection of all your favorite collectibles like potpourri, candles, trinkets, showpieces, photos of your loved ones etc. Having all these items at one place lets the visitor place their total attention to these items at one go. Make sure that the items are displayed well with some special light fixtures for lighting.
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    Keep it neat and fragrant. Last but not the least always keep your rooms neat, clean and fragrant .No matter how much you decorate and spend on your house, it is fruitless if the house is not maintained well.


  • Arrange fresh flowers that can last a couple of days.
  • Invest in some house plants.
  • Poke holes in lemons and add them to a fruit bowl.
  • Open windows.
  • Warm cinnamon sticks on the stove.
  • You can dust the house at least once in a day.

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