How to Spot a Fake Pinky:st Doll

Pinky:st is a cute and popular figure series in Japan with interchangeable parts. Unfortunately, there are some fake dolls (bootlegs) floating around the market. Before you purchase a Pinky:st, here is how to distinguish a fake doll from an authentic doll.


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    Look at the paint job. Bootlegs have messy paint. For example, paint on a coat button might drift onto the rest of the coat. Also, on bootleg EVA pinkies, as well as Animate Tenchos, the bootleg's pants button is not painted.
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    Check the height. Bootlegs are usually shorter than legit Pinkies.
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    Look at the packaging. Most Pinkies come in a pink blister package with the VANCE PROJECT and BABYsue logos in the bottom corner. There are some exceptions to this. All three Animate Tenchos have flames on their back cards, and some Pinkies have the blisters inside of a larger box, as is the case for Achi Kochi Pinky:st, In Town, and others.
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    Look at what you get. Some bootlegs have all the wrong items in them, such as an Ayanami Rei wearing a T-shirt and pleated skirt. In other cases, as shown in the picture, the set contains a Hana head, wears a Reina outfit, and comes with accessories from a variety of sets.
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    Know which Pinkies are commonly bootlegged. Although there have never been any Tenjho Tenge Pinky bootlegs, you can usually find a bootleg Animate Tencho Yoshiko version. 1.


  • You can find a list a list of dolls and their accessories at
  • Buying from eBay and other online auction sites is fine, and usually safe, but exercise some caution, and check the appearance of the toy on sale against the official releases.


  • Sometimes, fakes may end up being pricier than the real thing. Real NORMAL release girls go from $6-$10, with limited editions going anywhere from $15-$100+.

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